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PES 2008 out for the WII..

Woah, that looks amazing. The free run thingy looks good, but very difficult.

Man, the Wii is looking even better this year than last. Got Need For Speed ProStreet last Sat, and even though the game itself isn't the best, the controls are awesome and really make up for it. Resident Evil 4 was better on the Wii than anything else also. The control system really is a work of art, and puts the Wii head and shoulders above either the 360 or PS3, graphics aint everything, far from it!
This looks sick. If you can edit the players and teams, I'll buy this version over the PS2 or 360.
Anyone has the game? I would love to test it, because im not really impressed by the Xbox 360 version of the game. Looks kind of sick to be playing PES 08 at the Nintendo Wii:p
still think they should have made a version using two wiimotes strapped to your feet.
broke my housemates wiimote last night. :( playin bowling and threw the ball too hard, hurled the wiimote straight up above me and into the ceiling about as hard as i could. really should have use the wriststrap - think i might be forking out £30 soon.... :(
I've pre-ordered it. It'll be out on the 28th of this month, Friday. Can't wait. Then there's Mario Kart Wii out on the 6th of April, pre-ordered that as well.
Yeah - Definitely going for Mario Kart too - just looks like too much fun to ignore!

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