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Piercings and Rugby



Ok so i was just wondering how many of you ppl have piercings and if it interferes with your gameplay? I know you are sposed to tape it up and stuff but i just wanted to know if it caused problems?

Well one my team mates has a nipple piercing, but it didn't tape up well so now he has to take it out before training or a game. Though his piercing actually closed over first time he took it out for training and now it won't go back in.
one of my idiot buddies tried playing a match with his ear stud/earring/ thing on. it got ripped out. keep ur piercings off if possible
why on earth would you have a piercing for rugby.. you'll just look like a ****** on the field

if you do take them out unless you want them ripped out... simple enough
Because ive seen ppl play with piercings before and they didnt have a problem with them..... i mean i got my eyebrow pierced yesterday.... and i still plan to play i just plan on taping it up i was wondering if anyone had any other solutions as i cant take mine out for 2-5 months.

Well in Australia piercings are illegal. You must take them out before playing, not just tape them up.
Originally posted by BigTen@Aug 23 2006, 10:24 PM
Tape it up - it makes you look hard!
lol i already look hard becasue of the piercing lol i got a HUGE black eye

man, wht position do u play!? i mean piercings??? in rugby!!?? do u still love those eyebrows of urs? well then its better if u take it off... taping it doesnt really make tht much of a difference!
i used to have three lower lip piercings (don't worry i'm past it now) so obviously i just took them out, but for somereason the holes would close up and by the end of the game it was impossible to put them back in without drawing blood, hence i no longer havem.

my point, i dont have one actually

actually I mite go try putting a labret back in to see if its still closed

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