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Premiership Winner Prexiction Thread

Bristol_Shoguns fan

Academy Player
Dec 17, 2019
As we are getting towards the business end of the season, what is everyone's thoughts as to the eventual winner?

To me it's fascinating. European interests over for Bristol and Exeter, so focus fully on that big day at Twickenham, and a whole host of teams fighting it out for those 3rd and 4th spots, all of whom could definitely cause an upset.

To me it's looking more and more likely to end up being a Bears vs Chiefs final (IMO their quality is streets ahead right now), with Chiefs bringing their experience and ruthless efficiency and Bears with their individual flair and innovation.

Personally I can't bet against the Chiefs, but I'm hopeful as a Bristol fan that with all the star names back we may be able to turn them over.

Would be interesting to see everyone's thoughts on how things may go down.

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