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Problem With My Ipod



Afternoon Chaps,

Have just got an ipod and am having a few problems with it and wondered if anyone had any ideas.

Basically, my PC has had super aids for the last few weeks, and i've had to reinstall windows XP more than once. After the first re-intall i put itunes on and connected ipod fine, no problems. something then went wrong and i had to reinstall windows again, as the computer wouldn't start up. Ran loads of anti-virus and got rid of tons of bugs and spyware. itunes worked okf or a bit, but now everytime i plug my ipod in, i get an error bubble saying that usb does not recognize the device and that it was malfunctioned. I have tried using different usb ports, and tried reinstalling itunes, getting an updated version of itunes, and everything else i can think of. Am using Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hmm, service pack too was a bit gay for me - it cause alot of crashes. Try it without service pack 2. Did you completley format your compy though?
I reformatted it a couple of weeks ago (that seemed to be where the problems started!)

I've been all over the net trying to find a solutionl and the best i've got so far is to turn pc off, unplug it, wait a few minutes and then try again! And numerous people say this works, mind you computers are so damn capricious that it might well work.
Have a look on apple for an sp2 update for your ipod. I remember that alot of my software needed a update for sp2 when sp2 was first released.

A bit off subject, but i saw a video (on the net) of someone contacting apple cos his ipod battery had died & basically they said that the batteries on ipods only last 18 months & its costs almost the value of an ipod to get a replacement battery.

Get your money back & stick to a CD Walkman or a Cassette Walkman.
Your USB board might of blown, my dad had that same probleml but it wasnt with an iPod.

Everytime he plugged something in his USB a error bubble came up saying malfunction, or something along then lines.
Thanks for thae advice guys - problem now fixed. The solution was very technical..... hold both the select and menu buttons for aobut 5 seconds, and then plus it in again! Worked a treat. Bloody computers!
Good boy, I would love an iPod but the price drives me far away from it, my dad bought a 2.5 gig jukebox for 50 quid so way more value. Heard some positives compared to the iPod aswell.
Quite pleased with mine, despite scratching it within the first 3 days of having it. Only downer wa sthe new video one getting released the day after mine arrived!
i have an iRiver H320 now for two years. Best piece of technology i ever bought. Way more useful than an iPod, has better third party support but no iTrip on it unofrtunately
I got an I-Pod Mini (4GB) about 12 months ago and havent had a single problem... apparently a whole bunch of them had problems with the batteries, but mine appeared unscathed.

Dont really see the point in forking out for an IPod Video or a larger model, 800 or so songs is more then enough for my needs.
Originally posted by scot@Oct 27 2005, 08:42 AM
What are the Ipod Nano's like? Sime pretty fiddly. Might just get a Mini.
The Nanos look like toys, i was amazed how little they are. I'd be too worried aobut losing it, or snapping it in half in my back pocket.
Originally posted by robbinho+Oct 27 2005, 11:12 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (robbinho @ Oct 27 2005, 11:12 AM)</div>
@Oct 27 2005, 08:42 AM
What are the Ipod Nano's like? Sime pretty fiddly. Might just get a Mini.
The Nanos look like toys, i was amazed how little they are. I'd be too worried about losing it, or snapping it in half in my back pocket.[/b]
Yes I heard that the Nano ipod's are fragile. Also alot of people complained because it was too small & the buttons the awkward to press due to the size of the buttons as well.

Apart from that they are great!
i just got a new ipod, however all my music is protected wma because i am dumb. is there a programme that i can download that can, quickly preferably, change several g of music from protected wma to mp3. burnind and ripping music really isnt a option granted the scale. that is definalty a 2,3 day job, which i dont have because i already do 60hrs a week at work. thanks guys.

the ginganongenieus.
This video sums up this thread pretty well:

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You're gonna have un-protect the WMA on your PC and use this
I've used it before (if i remember correctly) and it's pretty nifty but of course converting takes LONG. I think it's freeware BTW, or it could be the one where you can only convert 15 songs before they want you to buy it.
so pritty much, my best bet is to use that, then get it going, go to work, pick my nose, then hope that its worked?
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (sambãd5 @ Oct 6 2008, 08:37 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
so pritty much, my best bet is to use that, then get it going, go to work, pick my nose, then hope that its worked?[/b]

Is yours an iPod classic? I got a 80GB classic 3 months back and it's already crashed and burnt. The thing doesn't sync anything from my library. Worse yet, it deletes everything when I try to sync the thing so I am now left with nothing.
120g classic it is. silver. with FREE HEADACHE!!!

yeah they are actually built like that. so you have to buy a new one. clever ipod. only a american company could be so c***y by making a inferrior product on purpuse to make you buy an new one.

and which brings me on to my next point. whos the dumb barstard who thinks of putting protection on audio files so you cant move them around on your own computer.
Gotta love it how a new model always comes out a month after you just go out and buy what you thought WAS the latest model. Maybe they are designed to die on you at the very same time the new models are released.

And how anal is itunes eh. Whats wrong with the good old "drag 'n drop" method? I'm gonna get a Sony mp3 just for that one reason.

Oh, and watch out for the notorious "Error ~42", it's a killer.

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