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PURGATORY: The Lowlands derby.



Watching Edinburgh vs Glasgow in Rugby Purgatory on Setanta Broadband right now and its quite an exciting game....and Dan Parks, for the first time, has actually made an attacking run and even scored a try.

Obviously, I'm peering out of the window to see the flying pigs battling with the four horsemen of the apocalypse...

Anyway, Glasgow odds on to break their away win duck....

....and then Edinburgh score! Oh dear, all of Dan Park's efforts all for naught XD
Went across to Edinburgh to the game. it was good although there was a stage at half-time when we where down 21-9 that i was a bit worried and then we pulled oursleves back in it only to lose at the last minute.

I was surprised though because we Glasgow fans all binded together in one wee section and we still out sang the Edinburgh fans for most of the game, the only time you heard them in full force was when they scored. Looking forward to watching Glasgow rugby next year and the return of the derby at Firhill!
Back from the game, and what a game it was!

I'll get this out my system first - the ref was, well, Shite would be a good word to start with. Edinburgh's disallowed try was perfectly legit, There second came from a forward pass, their third saw the most obvious case of offside/obstruction ive ever seen (edinbra player running up behind his own guy and putting a hand on his back: its either obstruction (probable) or otherwise at the least inadvertent offside) Hardly a lineout ball was straight all night - yet rarely was it called. 2 professional fouls by embra players went unpunished (despite the referee awarding a penalty) and then the Stortoni/Evans incident!!!!

But anyway, now thats out my system, Glasgow were absolutly woeful in the first half. The lead we gave them at half time we were lucky to even be in the fight at the end! Parks was beginning to actually find something called the touchline :)o) but still missed far to often. Stortoni was once again outstanding, except the incident where he (apparently) knocked the ball over his try line and touched it down. (from my seat i coulda sworn it hit the post, but ive not seen the replays)

Thought Embra were lucky to get the late score - given our defence in recent game - but TBH after the first half Glasgow didnt deserve to win.

But the most positive note of all - what an atmosphere! 6,225!!! a new record for a non-HC final pro game in scotland! (most of it silent for the most part though) The embra support were almost defening after Cairns's try, but i think the way our fans got behind the team despite the 15 point deficit at HT deserves some credit (and the players seemed to appreciate the support at the end.

Now we just need to replecate that at Firhill every week!

And just to finish, can i say i really hope Thom Evans is alright. Took a really nasty one and from the stands didnt appear to be moving. Its disapointing to see any player taken off with a serious injury, but to see it happen such a promising player with a bright future ahead of him (and potential N's Scotland games!) is really saddening. Hope you make a speedy recovery Thom.
I dont have sentanta so i couldnt see it although i was checking the updates. Anywhere i could get the highlights?

Before the game i thought Edinburgh would win pretty comfortably given their performance against Leinster but it seemed to be a bit of a thriller. Most of the Magners league games seem to have very few tries with low scores winning but this seems like it was a really open game with 7 tries.

Prestwick i told you Parks wasnt bad :p
What a game. At half time I thought we were probably going to run away with it but the Weegie's got back into it. I thought Cairnsy's try was great. A good line break and offload and he had the gas into the corner. Our defence was good again, for the most part, and we kept possesion well in the pack. Lineout was a bit dodgey at times but we still manged to take a few of theirs.

Glasgow did mystify me at times when they were trying to run it out of defence early on. That's suicidal against a blitz defence like Edinburgh's and Lineen was visible ****** off ( I was all the way up the corner and could see that!

Me an some of the lads I was with were making some noise, singing songs such as 'You Are A Weegie', 'Bar Of Soap' and 'Poverty Poverty'. I'm gonna go through to the land of the jakies for the 2nd game, if it's anything like last night it should be worth it.

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