'Racist abuse' stops Saints-Bath

Discussion in 'Premiership Rugby / Premiership Cup' started by getofmeland, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    The case was subsequently thrown out by the panel chaired by Michael Belloff QC in January 2003.

    From BBC Sport
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  3. That was ridiculous at the time, no one had any idea what was going on.

    The stupid thing is that nothing seems to have been heard by any officials on or off the pitch, and there doesn't seem to be any bad feeling between any of the players.

    Just someone in the crowd being a bit over zealous/nosy/idiotic from what I can make of it, I very much doubt any action will come of it.
  4. DC

    DC Guest

    players need to stop bitching an moaning about being "racially abused" during a game.. its different if its the fans do it, but as they are taking place in a game, its their job, literally, to accept that from the other players... it's sort of like stopping the game because the other team is tackling to hard. It's their job as pros to play for the fans and its just ridiculous to stop a game because of an internal conflict of "racial abuse" between the two teams.

    institute the rule: What happens on the field stays on the field..
  5. Boy

    Boy Guest

    Nonsense. Racism and racist remarks, if that is what happened today, have absolutely no place on any sports field, let alone a rugby pitch. There is a world of difference between sledging the opposition and abusing a person based solely on the colour of his skin. Yes, one is an accepted part of sport, but the other is a flagrent show of disrespect not only to an individual, but to an entire heritage.

    Saying that, I find the whole thing very bizarre, particularly that insults were apparently 'traded', meaning there is supposedly more than one offender. I don't doubt that this will soon simply fade away, although no doubt the RFU will have to make some public standpoint on it to show that any racist action, should it occur, is unacceptable.
  6. You seem to have totally missed the point.

    None of the players complained about or reported any sort of racial abuse to the referee, and none was picked up on by any of the officials.

    The complaint was made by a "fan" who claimed there was racial abuse being passed between the players.

    There is no place for it in the sport, but no one seems to have heard any sort of evidence to support the allegations of the person in the crowd. I'm sure if they had then there would have been a huge row about it between the two teams, if not on the field then certainly afterwards.
  7. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Oh dear, one of the Churches stand rolex brigade got upset because of a naughty word or 2.

    Whatever next, they complain somone acted violently in the pitch in front of them?
  8. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Its pathetic, as none of the players have complained about it, nothing should of been done simple also the ref never heard anything... so dont know what the big todo is all about...
  9. mickyb

    mickyb Guest

    This is what happened..... Play went dead, Higgins had the ball and would not give it to an 'un-named' Saints player. Higgins threw it away and was then heard by three saints and one Bath fan to be called a 'black ****'

    Higgins apparently didnt hear what was said, doesnt want to know about it and has made no complaint.
    End of !!
  10. this it quite weird as nobody on the picth heared that (or don't want to say they've heared...). but at least it's quite good what the ref did (to stop the match) because it makes people talking a lot about that.

    its a shame for that single match but a good point for rugby ! people are worried of racism in that sport and it shows again that everybody in rugby are very much more intellignet than in soccer. they deal with racism problems from its very beginig and do not let things go as far as they did in soccer (see nazis salutes in many stadiums).
  11. Then whoever it was reported the abuse was 100% right. Don't sweep it under the carpet or mock the people who take a stand against it. Racism should always be faced down.
  12. I assume you were at the game only yards away from the incident then?
  13. Boy

    Boy Guest

    Official Bath Rugby statement, made today:

  14. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Not being funny, but this is turning into more of a fiasco then it warrents.

    All the players on both stdes deny all knowledge, the officials know nothing and the RFU is involved, yet 3 Bath fans and one Saints fan apparently heard something. Damn, they have good hearing.
  15. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    RFU decide against action


    The Rugby Football Union will not be taking action over alleged racist abuse made against Northampton's Mark Robinson as there is insufficient evidence to make a case.

    The referee stopped Saturday's game against Bath after 17 minutes after complaints from some supporters that they had heard racists abuse from players of both sides.

    Robinson allegedly made some of these remarks but he said in his statement to the RFU that, although he used strong language towards Bath's Andy Higgins, none of it was racist.

    Higgins has corroborated Robinson's side of the story, and in fact no Bath player heard of any racist remarks throughout the game.

    RFU disciplinary chief Jeff Blackett says that there was not enough evidence to launch action against Robinson, particularly as Bath's players did not hear anything racist.

    "Mark Robinson has categorically denied that he made any racist remarks, and provided a frank statement about what actually occurred," said Blackett.

    "He said that Andy Higgins would not return the ball after a penalty, and he became angry.

    "I accept Mark Robinson's statement in its entirety, which is corroborated by Andy Higgins, and to a certain extent by the lack of reaction from any of the players or officials on the pitch.

    "This does not mean that the statements of the four Bath supporters were discounted.

    "They were clearly aware that Mark Robinson said something which could be perceived to be abusive when he retrieved the ball from Andy Higgins.

    "However, it is not inconceivable that they misheard the precise words used, particularly as they were some distance from the players and the exact words could have been diluted or distorted by the background of crowd noise.

    "In these circumstances, and particularly as Andy Higgins has made no complaint and has specified that what he heard was 'just the norm between players', and 'was in no way racist', there is insufficient evidence for me to take disciplinary action against Mark Robinson on a charge of making racially abusive remarks (under RFU rule 5.12)."

    Blackett did add that he did consider action after Robinson's statement revealed the extent of his swearing at Higgins, but revealed that he instead handed him a written warning.

    "The words he used were entirely inappropriate and could be considered abusive and offensive.

    "However, as this was described as 'the norm' by Higgins, and as 'banter' by the chief executive officer of Northampton, and as there was absolutely no reaction on the pitch, I have also decided it would be inappropriate to take disciplinary action on that basis.

    "However, while some strong language can be expected during a rugby match, Mark Robinson's language was particularly excessive.

    "Although it did not affect the game or the other players, it clearly incensed a small section of the crowd.

    "High-profile players must be aware of the consequences of what they say and do when playing in front of large crowds or in a televised match, and must be careful to control themselves.

    "In this case, I intend to give a written warning to Mark Robinson as to his future


    What a waste of time. And now they're talking about clamping down on foul language according to the bbc???

    OK, so you can literally knock the crap out of each other for 80 minetes but cannot say a naughty word such as f***, twat or ****.

    What a farse.

  16. Boy

    Boy Guest

    It's really all about interpretation; if, as has been said, Robinson did call Higgins a 'black' whatever, it isn't neccessarily racist. It only becomes relevant if the statement infers that Higgins is a ******* (or whatever) because of his skin colour.

    As it happens, Higgins is both black and a bit of a *******. The two are utterly unconnected, but he is a petulent little prick at times.

    The thing became public, so the RFU had to make a big show of it. Still, it nicely glosses over the fact that we got our arses handed to us in the actual game.
  17. Boy

    Boy Guest

    Here's what Robinson's report claims he said to Higgins (according to Planet Rugby):

    Higgins was somewhat more reserved in recalling the incident:

    Article goes on to say:

  18. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I hope all five of the **** stirrers are banned.
  19. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    No place for it in Rugby... Action should only be taken if it is heard by the Ref, his assistants or they have a complaint one of the teams...

    I agree there is no place in sport for racism, but there is also no place in sport for **** sturing "fans"... they should be ashamed... and I agree banned from future games, cos they didnt have the balls to back it up
  20. Calling someone a "black *******" is racist. End. Of. Story.

    Making excuses is almost as bad as joining in.
  21. Boy

    Boy Guest

    Calling someone a "black *******" is racist. End. Of. Story.

    Making excuses is almost as bad as joining in.

    Is it really? I'm not condoning racism in any way, shape or form, and it's not a phrase that I would ever consider using in any circumstance, but is it fundamentally different from saying (for example) 'ginger *******' or 'lanky *******'?
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