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RFU planning cross-code shake-up



Former England prop Jeff Probyn has criticised Farrell's involvement with the international set-up, describing his signing as an "act of desperation".

From BBC Sport


Thought this would be a good starter for the discussion about Cross Code Transfers, Are they as good as they are made out to be... What are your views on them??
I feel it's easier for a Union Player to go to League than the other way around. I mean, average to above average players like Matthew Ridge and Frano Botica who couldn't crack the All Blacks or even just solid provincial players like Darryl Halligon cross codes and become stars.

With the exception of Tiquri and to a lesser extent Mat Rogers and Jason Robinson, League players have had trouble changing codes - Players like Henry Paul who were supposed to take Union by storm became laughing stocks. As well as that It would be harder for a League foward to become a Union foward due to the fact scrums aren't over in 2 seconds, as well as the rucks and lineouts.
he is now being played at blindside flanker[/b]
Why is that? It's not the position that England actually had in mind for him.

Onto the subject of Cross-Code switching, I read an article a few months ago in, I think, International Rugby News (not sure, my mother in law sent it to me, and I know it wasn't Rugby World) and it showed Cross-Code Switching Winners and Failures. It honestly looked like a 50/50 gamble. It has worked well with Loti Taquiri (sp) and Jason Robinson, right? We can sit and debate players like Wendell Sailor, but still he is an impact player. I think Farrell, given time, will prove to be a good move by the RFU/Sarries.
The conversion of Farrell has been a farce; As good a league player as he was (and possibly still is), he's too in-between to to be a quick penetrating back or a powerful blistering flanker.

Other players have crossed code very well, Jason Robinson and Alan Bateman spring to mind, but it should be down to the clubs to bring in who they think can be good and blood them up instread of the RFU recruting their own players.

It's another fine example of the RFU pushing for the central contracts by recruting their own players, thus creting more of a rift between them and Premier Rugby.
Tuquiri and Rogers played union as schoolboys. Other than Robinson, who is learning from the easiest area of the park - the back three - almost all league to union successes have played union. Meanwhile, many of the failures have been expected to shine in playmaking roles, i.e. Henry Paul, Farrell and to a lesser extent Iestyn Harris (he did find his way eventually, but in the reduced role of inside centre).

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