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RIP The GodFather of Soul



The cause of Brown's death remained unclear at this stage, Mr Copsidas told the Associated Press.</span>


Such a loss to the world of music, and what a day to go... They are going to be having an unforgetable christmas upstairs thats for sure... Fantastic Musician, and all round performer
Bit of a shock this one, only 73 so hardly at death's door.

Absolute legend though. RIP.
My most memorable moment of James Brown is Rocky IV. I'm not an the typical patriotic American with the big flag, and the bumper stickers and all...but, when he sang Living in America I got goosebumps!

"Ah, Living in America *duh duh duh duh-duh* I Feel Good!"

Rest in Peice James Brown, you added a big thread to the fabric that is modern music.
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