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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Gatoelho, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    Im here asking for some suggestions about my situation.
    I discovered the rugby 2 weeks ago, trained twice and loved the game. I love the cooperativism needed in order to the team suceed.
    Im very excited and I want use it to keep training and get a good level to next year.
    The problem is that I can't contact ANY other player to train with me... all they want vacations.
    Im preparing a set of dialy trainning, including diets, but there are things that I dunno how to do.

    After a good first day, where I tackled a lot and made it perfect, the second day my tackle was terrible, I wasnt getting able to "aim" properly.

    So, I wanted some suggestions about how could I train the tackle alone. I know I should have a teammate, but believe me that they DON'T want train :-/

    Once I live in a beach, I was thinking about something like stant in the basic scrum position and start running trying to keep the body at same height.

    Anyway, Im getting desperate and any help is appreciated.
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  3. DC

    DC Guest

    Alright im a pretty shitty tackeler myself, i can make a tackle, but i wouldnt say im great by any stretch of the imagination but for me at scrum half its not a big big deal..

    A few things you want to do when going in for a tackle are:

    1. Do not watch the upper body while getting ready to make the tackle, watch the legs and hips.. if you watch the upper body they can fake you out very well, but if you watch the legs and the hips you know exactly where they are going.

    2. Tackle the legs, if you get their legs they can't run, and sooner or later they are going to fall.

    3. Confidence and Commitment, commit full on to the tackle and dont shy away, feel confident in your ability to bring the guy down.

    Well those are my tips :)

    Oh and welcome to the forum.
  4. FerraraZ

    FerraraZ Guest

    repitition is all I could say? I mean I consider tackling 70 percent mental and 30 percent physical.

    70 percent mental: some people tackle in anger and some just use adrenaline but when you combine that with sizing up the man and tackling the right part of the body then you have a good clean positive tackle.

    30 percent physical: The big dump tackles will need a strong upper body. Not to mention you want to keep driving your legs so working leg muscles will help with that. Also if you going to go chest to chest with a man to try and stop his progress then your gonna need to put some meat into it.
  5. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    Those are great tips, but, where/how could I practice it?
  6. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    I was thinking about build something like that thing that professionals use to train the ruck and use it, at least to get the aim...

    Well, Im not sure if I'll be a tackler, Im 24, 5'10" (175cm), 200 pounds (100kg). I have a good sprint for my weight/fitness (I don't play anything serious for more than one year). At the moment Im playing kinda full back, I think, I keep my self a bit after the line to help where is needed. In my first play I made two tackles that avoided try, where only I got the player.
  7. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    I was twatching a video, and was thinking... what about make up a punching bag, with about 4 feet tall (120cm) and get it in hte beach, fill it up with sand and tackle it... would it help?
  8. nosferatu

    nosferatu Guest

    Mate,I guess you're a gridiron convert?
    There's no such thing as a "want to be a tackler" or not..everyone on the field is that,admittedly some (back row) more than others,but still..

    Thery're called tackle dummies,so you can save yourself the trouble and buy one,but since they don't run circles around you,nor run you over,the best tackle practice remains actually playing the game.Try that.


    Well the most important thing for rookies when Tackling is protecting your head. if you're tackling with your right shoulder your head should be outside the players right Leg with your arsm wraped around his legs.

    If you're in the same scenerio I just explained and you cant hit your right shoulder Dont tackle him around the legs at all and Vice Versa. Just grab the players and wrestle him down. Example of getting Injured would be you not being able to hit with your right, and the player starts to run outside to your right. If you try to hit him with your left your Head will be exposed to getting knocked around.

    Well since you cant practice with someone, Go to the Gym. If you dont Live in NZ most likely you wont have machines based purely for Rugby. Like the Tackle Machine. So you can get a Bar(used for squats and Benchpressing) Put a weight on it or Start out warming up with no weight. Put 1 End in a corner so it doesnt move around. Hold the other End where the weight is. Stand facing the weight. Feet Shoulder width apart. Move the weight slowly to the right(close to your hip) bring up to the Middle and then to the left. Bring it back up to the middle and start all over.
  10. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Agree with Allblacks and nosferatu entirely...

    Also on the advanced side there are a few variations to tackling that you may want to start thinking about... not all tackles are to just kill the player you're tackling... if you're a lose forward (6,7,8) you want to start thinking about how you can make contact, twist the player being tackled so that the ball is facing your team, bring the player down and get to your feet as soon as possible to contest the ball... centre's (12 and 13) use a similir style of tackle but a lot of emphasis to ensure that the ball is either turned over or slowed down.

    Look for a TRF member called Gay Guy for further information... sure he'd be glad to help.

    Best of luck and welcome to the forum
  11. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    Thery're called tackle dummies,so you can save yourself the trouble and buy one,but since they don't run circles around you,nor run you over,the best tackle practice remains actually playing the game.Try that.

    well, I really want, but all players are acting like dead, so, even a dummy is more active.

    About buying a dummy, well, in Brazil they don't exist yet.

    1) Gridiron?
    2) That's not what I meant... Im just saying that a 5 feet pal isn't the best tackler agains an almost 7 feet monster running towards him

    @ AllBlacks

    Yeah, the 'head-to-butt' idea as I called as soon as I first seen it <_<
    My problem is just to properly get duck pefore jump... last training I got all injuried cause i was 'tackling' shoulder to shoulder (actually I think I did it cause I was worried with some stuff).

    @ Dumbo
    Well, Im pretty quick to get up... I just tought that I couldn't do it... I mean... once I tackled a guy and few secs later I was pursuing the one that received the ball (but I wasn't using boots)... As you see Im a rookie with a lot of will, trying the best to don't give up due to lazyness of people around...

    For example, once I tackled a guy, the ball was between me and him, he released the ball, couldn't I get the ball? There noone near, but I was facing the ball and he was facing the sky...

    I'll contact Gay Guy, be sure ^_^
  12. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    ok i am no expert but my take on tackling.

    you said you are fullback? of all my experience *cough* one game *cough* i found that you had to stay back alot and try read the play and only tackle when the players have made a break or on your own line trying to stop a try. if you are far from your line i would go for the legs up to the waist. as its easier to bring a guy down if you chop the legs out from underneath him. I am a small guy (very small only in height mind you) but i found out that you need to take the guys down more than stop them playing at full back. if you are on your own line you will have more cover and should be able to go for legs while the other tackler goes for the ball or vice versa.

    as for practice, i did alot when i was at school just playing practice games. when i was at home i just did some running around, you know the normal stuff. also helped that i did martial arts for my fitness. anyway i digress.

    just practice running and imagining there is someone there, you dont get the impact when you tackle but imagination can still be a big part of practice.

    meh but what do i know eh :)

    welcome to the board :)
  13. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    Not that Iam, but, based on what I see, I kinda act like it... I mean, based on what I see a fullback do in a game in my city...

    Basically I always stay 3-6m behind the last man, first cause I can see what's going on and learn, second, cause if the ball scape from the left, I'll have an edge to intercept. I really like to stay in the most right 'lane' cause seem that most times the attack come from that side, so, as Im kinda quick I can intercept easilly... I'm not all bad at rugby, just wanna be able to hit the legs, not the shoulder of the player (what hurt both of us)
  14. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah just keep low. also if you are going to be fullback i wouldnt recomend being to close to the action to intercept. they could and probably would kick behind you and with you turning to chance the ball their wingers will have a bit of an advantage. if you want to tackle and stuff, i suggest the centres. 12-13. staying in the line will help you as well. dont just go and follow the play, keep with your opposite number alot as well you will get tired easy.

    i am sure to be told differntly but thats how i would play it. remember at fullback you have to be able to cover and return kicks and kick for touch/territory as well.
  15. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    Well, I dunno if I really am FullBack... I was guessing... Also, we almost only play sevens... I know Im much more defensive... and need to learn to stay at my line... I always get a bit back and sometimes roll to the other side if there's too much action... there's any "test" to guess the position? I know it's silly, but, I wanna know...
  16. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    sevens, i have no idea then
  17. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    Brazil still limited... Im still over ****** off cause a team, where I went to train, was playing basketball with the rugby ball instead of trainning... and they spent all night inviting me!
  18. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    You should go to your local jujitsu academy and ask if you can practice on those guys.

    Just tell them that the Gracies are **** and that rugby players are tougher ,i'm sure you'd find more than enough people willing to grapple with you then.

    ..they would also teach you how important it is to get to your feet quickly after the tackle. :D
  19. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    hahahah I'll quote it!!!!

    But indeed, sounds that some jiu jitsu may help me... also some sprint trainning...
  20. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    sprint training.

    knock on random door, leave a paper bag with dog sh*t in it on fire and run away

    end sprint training
  21. Gatoelho

    Gatoelho Guest

    I think I'll stop talkin :p
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