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Round 10: Blues v W.Force



The Blues (ranked equal 9th) take on the Force (still ranked 14th but with 2 points). The Force has proven it can cross the line but the Blues are looking like a completely different team now that Lavea is not in the starting 15.
If the Blues lose this, I nominate David Nucifora for the Wall of Shame... and I'll sell his first born.
hush silly little child...i can only picture the force having a close score to the blues rather than upsetting us..with out the lavea the whole teams confidence(especially the backline) is up 10x!!!

blues by 20 plus....they looked solid last week with heaps of cracks in support play and decision making but they looked worse the week before...so this maybe a sign they are on the steady improv....force performed well against the highlanders but i reckon the blues will have too much confidence in there game now to let them in
blues should win easily. have won the last 2 weeks in a row without really doing too much. nacewa is better than entire force backline enough said there. the blues would have to play their worst game ever to lose this one
I'll eat your first born while I'm at it.

Hopefully we will see McAlister in a starting birth this week, preferably at 10, although maybe have Nacewa at 10, Luke at 12 as that is where he is most likely to end up in Black... and Nacewa carving up the force should shut Truth up about how the Force backs are better then Isa.

Ali Williams still needs a big game, and Brendan Cannon/Nathen Sharpe are no slouches.

And whoever that young coconut at 7 was he should get another start, I've never rated Braid, and he's getting old... and ****.

All I care about is the Backline, even with Sharpe and Cannon our foward pack could blow them out of the park, I say we give them Mr T or Afoa just to make things more even.

9. Senio
10. Nacewa
11. Rocokoko
12. McAlister
13. Tuitavakie
14. Wasa-Dawg
15. Brent "The White Jesus" Ward.

Although it's flexible.
Ali Williams still needs a big game, and Brendan Cannon/Nathen Sharpe are no slouches.

ali williams has been below average all year....rawlinson has carried the lineout duties and rawlinson has been aucklands best lock...eaton and jack for abs!!!

what you think of rawlinson in the abs?...it was said he wouldve made the tour last year but he wasnt eligible till another couple months...then the selectors picked eaton and ryan and didnt that go well?

All I care about is the Backline, even with Sharpe and Cannon our foward pack could blow them out of the park, I say we give them Mr T or Afoa just to make things more even.[/b]

i wanna see dow playing at the hooker position and maybe noble off the bench,...id rate dow ahead of the force centres :lol: ..i wanna see dow sidestep the force backline and do those nifty 30 metre sprints down the touchline he use to do in the npc
Dow is like Correy Flynn, **** in the Lineouts and General Foward play... but when he used as a 3rd Centre or wing he's lethal. When's Whitcombe back? I know he stuffed up his neck preety bad, but I don't think it was an injury which you call it a day on.

And Ali Williams will come right, the only person who's ever made him tick is Graham Henry and to a lesser extent John Mitchell, Rawlinson should get a starting birth for the possibles in the trial though... are they having a trial this year though?
Originally posted by esoj@Apr 10 2006, 05:06 PM
Im a little cry baby that has no f#@king clue what i'm talking about.
Thats true

Force is getting better every week, we just dont know how to close out a game yet.

I think we'll push the Blues all the way........ it'll be close.
hopefully mcallister will be back in the starting lineup after being out with injury, and only being fit enough for the bench last week. very interesting to see what nusifora does with the inside 3, as all four players have been playing exceptionally well.

i highly doubt a force victory. infact, i suspect necawa will single handedly win the game by carving up all 7 force backs.
I'm not to sure... there's a couple of things... who's playing where for the Blues is a big one (Lavea still lurks out there some where).
Also the Force are starting to get their **** together, their opening 25 mins against the Highlanders last week was really impressive. The Forces backs where running hard at the line... looking very dangerous.

If the Force DO win then the Blues are going to be the laughing stock (not that I think they will win though).
bullshit???...wheres the proof?

i heard he had a season ending injury
The blues will win this game. The Force have done well so far, but I just don't think they have the firepower to beat the Blues. Blues should be too strong and win this by 12 points.
that is awesome news that kaino is back....adds to steven hansens problems on selecting allblack looseforwards

i hope kaino gets the 7 jersey....dayyyyymmm!!!!


all 3 doing the monster mash on the force
The only thing going against him will be match fitness, but then again against the Force that's not to much of a problem (and if I have to eat my words again - then I will).
braid and howlett are fit to play this weekend...i really want to see kaino play this weekend...they should rest either flavell or nick williams...and i think tony woodcock will be rested aswell because he has a small injury
Originally posted by Dumbo@Apr 11 2006, 01:54 PM
Kaino back for Blues (replaces Angus Macdonald).
:eek: :cheers: :bana:

great stuff. very interesting to see what happens with the lineup now. especially with braid and howlett back in the mix, along with kaino and mcallister.
blues squad....some intresting selections...

15. Brent Ward, 14. Isa Nacewa, 13. Ben Atiga, 12. Rua Tipoki, 11. Joe Rokocoko, 10. Luke McAlister, 9. John Senio, 8. Nick Williams, 7. Daniel Braid, 6. Troy Flavell, 5. Anthony Boric, 4. Greg Rawlinson, 3. John Afoa, 2. Keven Mealamu, 1. Saimone Taumoepeau. Res: 16. Tim Dow, 17. Tony Woodcock, 18. Ali Williams, 19. Onosai'I Tololima, 20. Junior Poluleuligaga, 21. Tasesa Lavea, 22. Doug Howlett.

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