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Round 10: Blues v W.Force

Wow, the Force are really bad. It would still be interesting to see what they'd be like if they'd had Pelesasa and Mackay all season. A lot better I assume.

9. Henjak
10. Mackay
11. Ioane
12. Staniforth
13. Pelesasa
14. Shepherd
15. Hilgendorf


9. Henjak
10. James
11. Ioane
12. Sare
13. Graham
14. DeBartolo
15. Shepherd

The later is barely professional standard.
Don't the Force have any more outside backs? 2 5/8 on the bench geez thats stretching the depth. Force need to find some better outside backs. Maybe shift Ioane to 2nd five or center cause he ain't getting much ball on the wing.
Originally posted by loratadine@Apr 14 2006, 10:17 PM
that replacement half back looked very impressive for the force.
You actually watch some of these games live? That's a solid effort son. For someone who watches both hemisphere's primary provincial competitions, what are the differences between the two in your opinion?
wheres this stapleton kid?....

anyways..this is confidence for the run home for the blues..looking at the top 5...its gonnabe the hardest climb ever..especially going to sth africa
You could/should be without Tipoke for a few weeks after that cheap shot on Hilgendorf

Hilgendorf has a broken eye socket a huge gash over his left eye after Tipoke punched him while he was wrapped up in the tackle....... he's probably out for the rest of the year.

Looked like Flavell done a shoulder and Roco pulled a hammy so that aint good news for the Blues or Allblacks.
You actually watch some of these games live? That's a solid effort son. For someone who watches both hemisphere's primary provincial competitions, what are the differences between the two in your opinion? [/b]

yeah i try to watch as much super 14 as possible. ive got to say that i think the standard is higher than anything the nh has to offer. The nh games are often tighter affairs in terms of space, and the matches are often ones of territory and roar forward power. It has to be said though that our weather doesnt invite an open and fast game. The best league in terms of quality to watch in the nh is the french league. The weather seems alot better, and invited an open game, the style is quite similar to the way the matches are played in the super 14.
well after watching that game..i stand by my opinion that i made earlier in the super14season...and that is that isikeli necewa is the best utility player in the world

15 at the beginning,10 last week and wing last nite?....scoring points in each position...very rare to have a player who can play consistantly well at 10,11,12,13,14,15

fiji have a another superb backline player for the world cup next year
troy flavell has seriously injured his shoulder and rua tipoki has been cited....
but there is a more than decent replacement for troy flavell in the form of jerome kaino...also if tipoki gets suspended, then i just hope nucifora doesnt shift mccalister to 2nd 5 and brings lavea at 1st 5....he has got the best utility in the world in the form of isa nacewa...

someone steal laveas passport...put some 'hidden weapons' in his luggage

he does not deserve to go!!!!...

ohyeh jerome kainos back in action!!!..
i highly doubt that leavea will find a spot in the blues lineup, unless birdflu strikes and kills off half of the blues. remember when spencers cearer went horribly wrong? he didnt have a snowballs chance in hell in getting a second chance. i cant see lavea, who isnt/never has been/ever will be as good as spencer when he was only playing AVERAGELY!

backline has suddenly become easier for the management though. 10)necawa 12)mcallister 13) tuituvaki. and the outside backs of super joe, super howlett and super ward.
Tipoki Banned For 16 Weeks

Blues player Rua Tipoki has been suspended for 16 weeks after being found guilty of striking and severely injuring Western Force utility James Hilgendorf with the Sanzar judiciary handing out their heaviest sentence against a New Zealand player.

Tipoki, who scored three tries in the Blues' 39-8 win over the Force on Good Friday, was cited for an incident in a tackle on Hilgendorf early in the match.

He received no mercy from the Sanzar judiciary in a hastily convened meeting in Auckland on Saturday morning.

They noted Tipoki's dubious record of two previous striking charges and the injury to Hilgendorf which forced him form the field with a cut face, fractured eye socket and concussion. There are fears there could be long-term consequences for the Australian.

It's a sorry end to what was shaping as a marvellous season for Tipoki who has been in outstanding form with his elusive running helping re-ignite the Blues campaign.

They have won three matches in a row with Tipoki central to every victory. But he will now miss their three-match trip to South Africa where they face the Sharks, Cheetahs and Cats on a tour that will shape their semifinal destiny.

The judicial committee comprised Bruce Squire QC (chairman) and rugby administrators Ash Edwards and Pat Samson.

Tipoki was represented by his representative Heath Mills, Blues manager Ant Strachan and Blues assistant coach Joe Schmidt.

Squire said that, after hearing evidence from Tipoki and viewing video footage of the incident, the committee was satisfied that Tipoki had intentionally struck Hilgendorf.

Tipoki, 27, appeared to catch Hilgendorf with an elbow as he joined a tackle on the Western Force flyhalf early in the first half. Higlendorf lay prone on the ground for some time before being helped off the ground.

The Force player suffered considerable injury including a fracture of the eye socket, a laceration over the left eyebrow and concussion. The Western Force team doctor indicated the injuries might possibly leave some degree of permanent impairment.

The committee considered that the offending was serious, that there was little to be said in Tipoki's favour by way of mitigation and noted that he had two previous appearances before the judiciary for striking offences.

In the result, because of the nature of the offending, the significance of the injury to Hilgendorf and the absence of mitigating factors, the committee determined that Tipoki should be suspended for a period of 16 weeks.

He was accordingly suspended from all rugby for the period up to and including August 7.

The Blues have plenty of cover at second five-eighths where Tipoki has been starring. Luke McAlister and Isa Nacewa are options there.

But his loss will be felt, especially the unnecessary terms of it which had to the injury problems the Blues have suffered all year.

Tipoki's ban means his Super 14 season is over and he won't be available for his North Harbour province until the third round of the new Air New Zealand Cup competition.

He will also miss the New Zealand Maori tour of Canada in June where they will contest the Churchill Cup involving England A, Canada, the United States, Scotland A and ireland A.

In 2003 Blues forward Troy Flavell was banned for 12 weeks after being found guilty of stomping on the head of Chiefs hooker Greg Smith.

But Tipoki's suspension has taken tings to a new - and low - level.

The judiciary has cracked down on striking this year with several players already having served suspensions.

how good was nacewa on the wing. carved up the force all day as most of the blues backs did. dam shame about tipoki he was in abs contention imo.

senio is playing awesome rugby at the moment and defintely deserves to be the starting blues halfback. rokocko was at his dangerous best even at like half speed was burning past the force defenders with ease. rawlinson was again in fine form and could be a bolter for the abs. braid played well in his first game back was everywhere on support and got some good turn overs.

hopefully lavea does not come into the team and they put nacewa at 12 or 10.
Bout time Sanzar got serious about there suspensions

Tipoke deserves every week he got........ it was disgraceful what he did and there was no need for it....... he was playing so well.

I hope Hilgendorf can recover from this injury and play rugby again, he's such an important player to the Force.

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hopefully the trend continues but I doubt it. sanzar is always like this someone gets a big suspension and then next week someone else does something the same and gets off scott free
nacewa has to go to 12 now, Mcalister showed how brillant he is at 10. Once he was moved to 12 we didn't see much of him.
Thats the problem, they're inconsistent

Take last week for example...... Staniforth got one week for a shoulder charge and De Wet Barry(who has the worst record in Super rugby) gets off scott free for the same shoulder charge on Nacewa.
Originally posted by aussie1st@Apr 15 2006, 05:17 PM
nacewa has to go to 12 now, Mcalister showed how brillant he is at 10. Once he was moved to 12 we didn't see much of him.
i would rather have mcallister at 12. that way he can get into the allblacks. its not like it matters, a mcallister/necawa or a necawa/mcallister combo will work every time.
it does matter...10 is a pivitol position...id rather luke at 10 and necewa running off him at 12...he is most dangerous running with ball rather than passing it,in which mcalistair is pretty solid at setting up the game around

also necewa is one of the better offloaders in the comp. and with him running alongside of lukes passes with tuitevake outside him..that will bring the victories home

senio is playing WAYYYYYY better than his allblack brother down in christchurch
didnt both of the senio brothers say they would prefer to play for auckland or something?