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Round 9: Blues v Stormers

Originally posted by Ripper@Apr 8 2006, 08:05 PM
Now can I safely call Truth an idiot for saying that all the Force backs were better then Nacewa?
Umm no

I still stand by what i said that "i would rather have Higendorf,Mackay,Pelesasa,Ioane,Staniforth and Henjak over Nacewa anyday".

When you get Howlett back from injury Nacewa should go back to the bench

your best backline...

12.Tipoke(impressive lately)
haha, Brilliant.

Nacewa has had 2 good games in a row, more which could be said for the Entire Force Backline.
Originally posted by Wally@Apr 8 2006, 10:44 PM
I thought Nacewa played fullback for the All Blacks on the end of season tour last year?
you would be completely wrong. he played for fiji in the last world cup which you must have missed as well.

toeva is the guy that played fullback

nacewa had another good game alright and showed more skill than the entire force backline has showen the whole year.

hard to say what will happen when dougie comes back but at worst nacewa would be on the bench.

Flavell was on fire one silly moment in the game but he is in red hot form. He can play lock yes but his best chance at the abs would be at 6. jack and williams are shoe ins for starting locks in the abs.

on the actual game not to bad by the blues. got the 4 tries and the win which is what was needed. some bad handling errors though and some slack work at the breakdown at times. considering though that some of the first choice guys are out was still a good result.

and how good is rua tipoki. he carved everyone up in the npc and now he is doing it at the next level in super 14. he has all the skills for a 12 and imo deserves a crack at the spot in the abs. he has stiff competition from mauger though who is playing really well atm.
If Tipoki wasn't on the the wrong side of 30 and a risk of breaking both of his hands in fights during matches he wasn't meant to be playing... I mean, breaking both his hands in "weight training" he would be in the All Blacks. Although I still think he needs to stop being a ball hog, and while he had that one good kick, he needs to not kick as much, leave that for Nacewa or McAlister.

Although with McAlister appearing to not have lost any spark, the backline I would like too see :

9. Senio (Canterbury poached the wrong one)
10. McAlister
11. Rocokoko
12. Tipoki
13. Tuitavakie
14. Howlett
15. Brent "Still better then Dumbo" Ward
gud ol hiding in the end....

see everyone!!!

life is better without tasesa lavea

on the necewa note..he is not 1st 5 of class,hes a 12 or 13 who can cover every backline position with confidence...

i was watching the replay and im astounded by the talent we have...once mcalister stamps his name on the 10 jersey and forever hold it then the future of auckland rugby will grow to its peaks again...if only we kept nick evans aye :D

Interesting game... Fiji could have a serious 1st5... that’s gonna be real good for the islands...

nope...nicky little is a world class 1st 5,he is the best fijian 10 they got...but with necewa outside him at 12 with rabeni at centre and caucau,bobo and norman ligiari as back 3 they will have possibly the most potent backline in the world

but the forwards really suck on the technical aspects of the set pieces

Originally posted by Ripper@Apr 9 2006, 03:58 PM
If Tipoki wasn't on the the wrong side of 30 and a risk of breaking both of his hands in fights during matches he wasn't meant to be playing... I mean, breaking both his hands in "weight training" he would be in the All Blacks.

yeah i wouldnt want to be in the blues selectors shoes come full fitness of mcallister and howlett.

i would like to see

10) necawa
11) joe
12) mcallister
13) tupoki
14) howlett
15) ward

reason: look at the allbacks centre problem at the moment now umaga is out and smith is injured. do you really want a mauger/nonu midfeild? at the end of the game yes. but i cant see them as a 80min partnership. just imagine how a 10: carter, 12:mcallister 13: topuki then subbed for nonu. that would carve up anyone. just remember, 12 is mcallisters prefered position. wheather hes better at 10 is a diffrent story.
tipoki..i believe is in contention for that midfield spot in the abs...he has been in that position years ago jus does some really stupid things off the field that stops everything gud for him...

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