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Roy Jones Jr Vs Antonio Tarver 3



Any Boxing fans in this forum...anyway If there are any,I thought this could be the topic to post all News,thoughts,predictions on who will win the fight come October 1st.

Personally I am an avid Roy Jones follower,and I hope he doesnt knock Tarver out,but teaches him for 12 rounds.


i am a boxing fan and think jones will be too much for tarver, the match im waiting to see is calzaghe and jeff lacey.
Here is what Don King had to say about the unification fight...


DON KING has warned Joe Calzaghe to forget a unification fight with with rival world super-middleweight champion Jeff Lacey.

Calzaghe, who is lined up to fight Lacey on November 5, must first overcome challenger Evans Ashira in Cardiff.

King predicted: "Ashira will shock the world and I'm going to watch Calzaghe when he falls."
well the match have happend and calzaghe beat him one handed, he broke his left hand in the third roung and still won.
AHAHAA sounds good,Shut Don King up,I had suspicion after reading that quote that the fight might have been fixed for Ashira to win.Good for Calzaghe.
i hope Roy Jones wins this belt. ive always thought he was the man...until Floyd Mayweather came along
They say that pound for pound Roy is the best boxer around.

If that is the measuring stick for greatness then I think my second girl (12 kg) is the world champion.

People making statements like that don't actually help Roy. Regardless of the hype he needs to make statements where they count...........in the ring. Then people will really take notice.
Roy Jr has made statements in the ring,im not even gona go through all the achievments and great moments throughout his career.

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