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Sale Sharks player allegedly being investigated for leaking info to opposition

Is there any confirmation that the player intended to give the information directly to Bristol or could it be something as simple as a player discussing moves with another?

If it is who it's rumoured to be, and he was discussing backs moves over Christmas dinner with his brother then that's a serious breach of brotherly confidentiality to then go off and tell your backs coach the moves straight after.

The RFU have confirmed they've received an official complaint from Sale about this.
The (allegedly) gloating coach could be what comes back to bite Bristol on the bum - if he knew before hand why didn't he report it? I imagine the RFU could sanction the coach/players for conduct unbecoming of the sport, or whatever it is.
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If there's really nothing more to it, then it looks more like an excuse to sack a player without paying compensation, than anything else.
Well the senior players were the ones who reported it to the management/Dimes, that's how they found out.
If there was nothing to it/it was just a regular chat between two brothers why would they feel the need to do that? By all accounts he is (/was) a well liked member of the squad, people he's known for years aren't going to shop him in for having a chat with his brother (Something I presumed he does whenever the two are in the same city).

Laughable people's conspiracys saying we made all this up. Seen people saying we should be docked points for it.
If there's really nothing more to it, then it looks more like an excuse to sack a player without paying compensation, than anything else.

Nothing nothing more than informing another team of linout calls, moves etc?

I don't get it either Olyy... people seem to be jumping to the least likely conclusion.
Put me in with Olyy and Ratsapprentice. I'll consider changing my mind if Arscott feels able to bring a case of unlawful or constructive dismissal.
I can't believe that he'd be sacked if there wasn't more to it, is there any suggestion he profited financially for it? If it wasn't just a chat between brothers I'm confused about what his motivation was.
Shame for his Sale career to end like this. Always thought both Arscott were handy players at Premiership level. If I recall correctly Luke Arscott had an acrimonious departure from Exeter as well.
Wouldn't be the first or last to fall foul of that ****.

A few players have not had there contract renewed for that reason.
Tom Arscott - coming to an employment tribunal near you!

I must admit, I find it difficult to believe a player would do such a thing but stranger things have happened I guess.
so this is tangental but not very relative to this conversation:

i am doing a project with premiership kickers and noticed an interesting tidbit with the arscott brothers

in consecutive weeks they were given the ball to try drop-kicks at the end of the game to save time at the conversion
tom's was right in front of the post and luke's was out wide-left... not surprisingly tom made his and luke made his

again not relative, but kinda weird right

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