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Sale v Ospreys - Pool 3


An Tarbh

Both teams go into this one knowing it's win or bust. Sale need the full haul to have any chance of getting a best runner-up spot while the Ospreys know that a win may also be enough but the bonus point would give them some breathing space, not a guarantee but it certainly would help.

I think Sale might sneak this though as the Ospreys will be pretty deflated having had the victory snatched away from them on Sunday, if they do bounce back and get the victory then they'll be a dangerous opponent for Biarritz or Llanelli.
Nothing against Ospreys, but I want to see Sale get the full haul. I'm sure they'll win, because Marshal at 9 won't be allowed to snipe through and off load behind their defence - without that, the Welsh don't have the firepower. But the only way Sale are going to make it is if Chabal goes over one, two, three, four times (is he injured?).

If Sale do go through, there could be an interesting match at 1/4 final stage for their fullish strength team - even Tarbh can't figure out that permutation.
Both teams have many injuries which is a bit disapointing , But both teams have to go for it , I think the Ospreys will win with no Bonus Point , But it wont matter as I think Leicester are going to put an end to Munsters unbeaten Home run in Europe
Here's the sides;

Sale: Larrechea; Hanley, Mayor, M Taylor, Ripol; Wigglesworth, Foden; Faure, Bruno, Turner, C Jones, Schofield, JM Fernandez Lobbe, Lund, Chabal.
Replacements: ***terrell, Roberts, Stewart, Day, Hills, Bryant/J Robinson, Bell.

Ospreys: Terblanche; Walker/Mustoe, Bishop, Henson, S Williams; Hook, Marshall; D Jones (capt), B Williams, A Jones, Cockbain, Powell/Wyn Jones, Beach/J Thomas/Lloyd, Tandy, R Jones.
Replacements: tbc Referee: Alain Rolland (Ireland)
The Ospreys team doesn't look that bad considering the injures. I think Ospreys can beat Sale, but if the weathers bad, Sale could nick it.
Can't wait for this game, got tickts right in the middle of the cheadle end(name known by county fans as the big end)

I would say any ospreys going, but you'd have left by now.


The wn for the Ospreys makes sure that Northampton go through to the quarter finals. A nervous wait now for the Ospreys as Leicester take on Munster, should Leicester get nothing then the Ospreys are through but given my record on the predictions this weekend I wouldn't be surprised if Leicester get the win this evening.
Well, Sale didn't have it. Ospreys defence was excellent - every time Sale broke through, they couldn't offload for all the tacklers hanging around. And the Sale backs had to put up with a lot of slow ball. But it's ages since I saw a tap and pop try like the one they got.

Ospreys put in a great opening 20, and had plenty attacking periods after that. Nobody outstanding, I think - just a great team performance. They could do damage if they get through. Just need to sustain those periods of attacking dominance for longer.

Ref done good.
They'll give Biarritz a match alright, but it's still a massive ask for them to go to San Sebastien and get the win, almost getting ahead of myself here there's still the Munster Leicester match to come.
As a Welshman I'll be fully supporting Munster to hold Leicester to a defeat without a bonus point! ;)
Ref good job? He was awful, ruined the game. He didn't have a handle on the rucks and the amount of high tackles was rediculous.

Granted Sale were not worthy of a win and well Larrechea, get rid.

The atmosphere was rubbish as usual and the one thing other than cheat was a decent atmosphere for the ospreys.