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San Andreas - Up for a race?



Firstly, I have chucked some pics on this page so people who have a slow connection, or bandwidth limits may want to hit stop.

Anybody want to have race around GTA:SA? You must have unlocked all of the state first though.

It would basically involve going to 5 locations (each city, the desert, and the country), taking a photo and timing it.

Care of your vehicle would also be a key, as I would like to have strict rules about changing vehicles.

1. -JJ- 27 minutes 22 seconds (15minutes 22 seconds real time +12 minute penalty)
2. Ripper 31 minutes 49 seconds (13minutes 25 seconds real time +18 minute 14 second penalty)
I recently did a quick try out to make sure it was possible to do with one vehicle, here are the pics:

Where I started, underneath the red bridge in San Fierro. Check out my modded car!

Next stop, Mount Chilliad. After a couple of shots of nitrous oxide down the western freeway, up went the hydrolics, and up the mountain I went. Only one fall down a cliff, the car is much more damaged than it looks.

Los Santos beach. Damage taken in the Chilliad climb/fall is more obvious here.

Egypt. Well, the Camel's Toe actually, Las Venturas.

The dam. This was one of those classic GTA moments. I had just completed the circuit, with my car puffing out black smoke. I park the car beside the road, which didn't get a renewal all drive. I get out, and take a couple of photos. After saving the photos, I hear a police siren in the distance. I look ahead, see nothing and walk to the car, just as I jump in the police car hits me (I had no stars either). This was the cars final hit, it caught on fire, went over the cliff with me in it and blew up moments before hitting the water.

So if you are interested in the race, here are the rules:
1. The locations you must go to are: Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, The Dam in Bone County, and Mount Chilliad (the top carpark) in the country. Go in any order you want, any path you want.
2. The photo you take at each location must show the vehicle you are currently travelling in. The photo should be of something easily identifiable at the cities (eg Grove Street, the big intersection, Vinewood sign, Ballas members, Grove Street members etc are ideas for Los Santos). The photo doesn't have to be a real one, just take it in the game if you want. However, as you will see later on, providing a real photo will take time off.
3. It would be nice if you could stay in one car, but failing that:
a) Every time you respray or fix the car you are in using Pay and Spray or put it in a garage add 3 game hours/3 real minutes.
Every time you change your vehicle completely add 6 game hours/6 real minutes.

Ok, if you are interested in doing it, it really isn't that complicated even though it may seem like it is.

Departure Time/Day (press L1 when out of car to get current day):
Completion Time/Day:
Time taken:
+New vehicles taken:
-Photo class (rated by me):
-Car damage:

Here is how it would be done (this is what I got):

Departure Time/Day: 6:00, Wednesday (game time)
Completion Time/Day: 21:22 Wednesday
Time taken: 15 minutes, 22 seconds (real time)
+Resprays/Renewals: 0 multiplied by 3 minute penalty=0 real minutes
+New vehicles taken: 2 multiplied by 6 real minutes penalty=12 real minutes
Subtotal: 27 minutes 22 seconds (real time)
-Photo class [if you provide photos, I will rate them as a whole, things I will look for include: Humour, Prettiness, the look of your car (not whether it's damaged or not, but what it looks like undamaged, so mod it up to get bonus seconds)]: NA for me, I'm not judging my own.
-Car damage: 1 vehicle, blown up. -0 (-60 seconds for mint condition, -50 for slightly damaged, -40 for moderately damaged, -30 for severely damaged but not smoking, -20 for light smoking, -10 for heavy smoking, -0 for totalled)
TOTAL=27minutes 22 seconds (15:22+12:00)

Highlights of the timed trip.

Departure from the garage in San Fierro. Car in perfect condition.

The dam. Unfortunately too much nitrous oxide isn't a good thing, smacked the car around coming out of San Fierro and it was already smoking here.

Made it to Las Venturas in an uneventful trip.

Where did my car go? Well in the short trip between Las Venturas and Los Santos I put the nitrous oxide on and smacked into another car, flew off the road and the car blew up on an underpass below. So I stole a taxi. I tried to go off road with it to get back onto the freeway, but rolled, and lost another car. Then I found the Sanchez, as pictured.

Uneventful trip to the top of Chilliad. A little hint though, it will cut off a lot of time if you only travel one way on Mount Chilliad.
Gave it a shot, dont have any pictures, I was 13:25 on real time, but the penalties killed me and if my calculations arent wrong my total time was 31:14 (17:49 Penalties)

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