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Schmidt names his BOD replacements

Interesting article ... the prospect of Jared Payne lining up in the Green jersey is attracting the most attention from a New Zealand point of view, he was pretty close to New Zealand selection before he left, given the number of injuries and others leaving New Zealand at the time ... he probably could have filled the absence of Conrad Smith vacancy last year (if he'd still been in NZ)

I'd personally have him in the squad at least, as he plays Fullback also
Is Payne the long term successor though? Not exactly young at 28, though I'd imagine he'd still make 2019 RWC, but past that? Is it worth sticking with one of the younger guys for the extra long haul?
As said already if it's Payne then Cave may as well move because Payne will have to play 13 for Ulster. And been fair anyone who has watch Payne at 13 for Ulster will say he's average. He's made his reputation here as a 15 and should be left there.
Henshaw for me is the man but I think he will have to leave Connacht if he's serious in time as he needs HEC rugby to be up to that level.
But at end of day it's grand having BOD show lads video analysis etc but it's whoever delivers on potential that will keep jersey. Potential is 1 thing delivering is totally different

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