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Score Comparing

Originally posted by JJ-@Feb 19 2005, 12:45 AM
Sorry to say, but your game won't work. According to locksley the Lions are not available for quick games (at the start at least).
I was just about to ask about that!

Didn't think they'd be available from the start.

I think it should be England v Aus at Telstra Stadium.
Alright I'll have to change it. Will the PI be available, and who does everyone want to verse? It's hard to work fairly because of the NH lads but simce the southerners have shown the most interest I think the team should be based in the SH. Also, the PI would be appealing for the blokes up north too, would it not? How about the PI up against someone like Ireland or England?
I've got a sneaky feeling that none of the rep teams will be available if the Lions aren't available.

Wonder what this unlocking entails -- all tournaments, or, completion of each tournament unlocks something different . . . here we go again . . .

well, at least there are unlockables in this version, remember the pot of gold that waited at the end of Rugby 2004?
Pacific Islanders are available at the start.

I'd say unlocking the Lions would require successfully completing a tour with them, or maybe even all three tours with them?
Originally posted by Wally@Feb 19 2005, 02:10 PM
Pacific Islanders verse England anyone?
Yeah....maybe after the tri nations opponents first.

I am still going for Brumbies vs Crusaders though I may change to Blues.
I would have thought that the PI would be more appealing than just one country. I would prefer that but it isn't just Australians and Kiwis doing this.
But they are proberbly the best 2 sides in the game, that was my thought.

How about PI Vs. The Brumbies?
Why did you say PI vs England than?

Oh, bow about Wasps vs. Brumbies (Euro champs v S12 champs...)
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Feb 19 2005, 09:18 PM
Why did you say PI vs England than?

Oh, bow about Wasps vs. Brumbies (Euro champs v S12 champs...)
Well I'm sure England is better than the PI. Depends what everyone else wants. What does everyone else want?
With the current England squad, the team in the game should not be the best either.

Unless the roster is out of date.
i personally reckon that wales should be in there sumwehre, so i nominate wales vs new zealand. there last two meetings were very exciting,and there wordl cupp 2003 match was agruably one of the best of the tournament.The fixture is stenched with history. And i think it will be a descent game to play. And well i would like to see everyone play as or against wales for there first match.
i nominate

wales vs new zealand
ok, ive been thinking more bout this idea, and i think if we are all serious of doing it, maybe the best way to do it would be like everone nominates what they believe we should play as our first match. and then when we get 10 or less sugestions open a new thread with a poll, with all the nomiantions. then we can vote to see what match people would like to play and compare the score too.
Yeah I agree, PI v England it is. Everyone who wants to play can say so in here. Cheers.

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