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We've all played a Smackdown game and we've all rushed home, bought it, put a few people through tables and then gone straight to the Create a Wrestler function and unleashed hell with our created monster, running wild on the whole of the WWE. I've not played one for a while but I have some fond memories of my old created wrestlers, and you lot should do the same as me:


I actually created a stable, the Cool World Order ( CwO to you) but I will break down each of the chracters one by one:

Dangerous Danny Dudley - The main man and the leader of the CwO, a vicious, nasty heel hell bent on destroying all before him. He is a Dudley Boy by name and nature, putting many of his victims through tables. The video was the Dudley Boys' and he looked a lot like Bubba Ray Dudley although I tweaked the face accordingly. Defiitely still had the glasses though:

Finishing Move: Dangerous Dudley Death Drop - A powerbomb onto the neck. It actually looked very dangerous as well, it was a horrible move.

Lover Man

Lover Man was the second in command of the CwO, a man who desperately wants to be Shawn Michaels, whose video he totally rips off. Which is odd as this cocky, obese man with a horrible hairy chest and dreadful sunglasses is anything but sexy.

Finishing Move: The Kick of Love - it's just Sweet Chin Music.


Blackwing is just a ninja. With an alcohol and gambling addiction which is why he always fell off the stage during his entry but as a cruiserweight wrestler he can get about the ring quickly. Used to be able to do a brilliant pratfall. His video was a custom one, can't remember to be precise. It used to be Gangrel's at one point though on a much older version of the game.

Finishing Move: Ninja's Kiss - The Twist of Fate.


Call me tasteless if you will, but the Jesus in the CwO was bearded and wore a white robe. He didn't take to the ring much and when he did he always needed the help of his CwO run in buddies. His video was The Undertaker's and he used to have this well cool entrance where he floated down to the ring. He was more manager than wrestler.

Finishing Move: The Jesus Driver - a sort of inverted piledriver. Often followed up by the Jesus Legdrop.

The Granny

The Granny was the darkhorse of the CwO. She claimed to be an old woman and indeed, she dressed like one with an old frock and a handbag, but she always seemed to be... well... to big to be an old woman and she was good at knocking lumps out of people in the ring as well, once being responsible for a chairshot that ended The Undertaker's long ***le reign and giving Dangerous Danny Dudley the ***le for the first time.

Finishing Move: Poisoned Blue Ribband - The Mandible Claw. "OH MY GOD JR! POISONED BLUE RIBBAND! POISONED BLUE RIBBAND!"

Best thing that never happened to the CwO

Picture this...

It's Christmas time and there is a comedy show going on in the ring with elves, carol singers and Santa Claus. Suddenly, slow, clumsy music comes on and a pantomine horse comes cloppeting down to the ring, looking like it might fall over at any point. The horse amazingly gets into the ring and struts about for a bit. Suddenly, from nowhere, the horses' back leg kicks Santa straight in the face. To huge boos from the crowd Dangerous Danny Dudley climbs out of the front of the horse and Lover Man out of the back, and they start beating up the elves and Dangerous Danny Dudley gives Santa the Dangerous Dudley Death drop from the top rope straight through a table.

Ah, if only they could make games that real... I might have to go out and buy the latest one and recreate the glory days of the CwO....
hahaha.. yeah, i would maybe create ONE wrestler but a WHOLE crew AAAAAND background stories lol.
i'll hav to try it out with the next wrestling game if i can be bothered.
That look like a mean team :lol2tn:
And very funny;I hope I don't have to fight them:lol:

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