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Talking MG's

Do you hate MG's

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Mr. Laxative

Well, I thought that I might start off small. Matthew Giteau.... A man that said he wanted to stay with the brumbies, didn't want to go any where else, but left anyway. Shocking! Personally I think 'Matty' or 'Gits' shouldn't have gone searching for extra money with 3rd party agreements and I'm hating the WA Rugby organisation along with Matthew more each day. Yes Ben Darwin too.

Anyway below is a list for the reasons I hate Matthew Giteau:

1. He was born and bred in NSW (Jerrabomberra)
2. He went to St. Eddies (my rival school)
3. He defected to the Force

Please don't queston my lack of full stops - it is a list after all.

In other news MG cars (that went broke last year) would have made $1.4 million dollars for each car it would have sold as of yesterday. A strikingly similar figure to that of Matthew Giteau's salary each year. Of course everyone hates Matthew now, so do you hate MG's becasue they get a similar sort of figure for each car has sold?

Also rumour has it that 'Git' will soon own one of these vintage cars, this may tarnish the bankrupt companies reutation somewhat.

I will be answering 'I couldn't care less...'
Am I allowed to say I dislike MG's because their god-awful to drive, poofish and all round shite?
I wouldn't mind either of these machines, which did talk.

A metro and a Rover with a different badge?


This is similar to my Parents MGB, which I get to drive in the summer, it is a nice drive, and a classic...
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Apr 25 2006, 04:52 PM
A metro and a Rover with a different badge?

Not really.

The top one is the MG Maestro Turbo, based on the Austin Maestro

The second one is the MG Montego Turbo, based on the Austin Montego.

Both were dangerously fast for the type of car they were (Austin's).

I have also driven one of these at a track day and I tell u wat it goes like stink...

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