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The Ashes 2010/2011

1-0, looking like we have better players at every position bar 5 atm, keep it up!
Oof, just heard about Broad being out for the rest of the series, who will replace him?
I read today that the Ozzies are hoping that shane Warne joins the team to beat the English.
Old School flavors.
Ashes 3rd Test

208 for 8 Australian through 66 overs in the 1st innings as it stands.

Whatever happened to Australia being the greatest sporting nation ever? They can't beat the English at anything...
WICKET Johnson c Anderson b Finn 62 (Australia 233-9 - 72 Overs)
Bloody hell! Not bad!
Flat above came back steaming at 3am then rang and ambulance for some reason, which got me up, and it was 28-3 then
Can't believe they're all out on the first day
Don't think even the most optimistic England fan would've predicted this/the last test :p
Shane Warne back pedaling was immensly good fun. 300 is good at Perth, how about getting there first Shane.

Australia were in trouble as soon as they went with a 5 pace attack, should have gone with the spinner Beer, Shane Warne to return in the 4th Test :lol:
Oh well, normal service has been resumed. Go back to your lives people, nothing to see here.
Mitchell Johnsons spell was fantasic, shows what danger having a quick left arm bowler can be to sides. It was always going to happen, no-one expected this to be an easy ride.
We could not expect an easy ride from this Australia side they were always going to fight back at somepoint, now we have to show were capable of bouncing back in the next test.
England have a lead of over 300 now and should be looking at clinching the win they need for the Ashes in the next couple of days. And Ricky Ponting is a disgrace to cricket.
Was laughing my head off last night, clearly the ball never touched KP's bat, dear old Ricky then goes up to KP asking him why he did not walk, only for KP to mutter something ... have you ever walked Ricky? Then when Ricky refused to let it go and blasted both umpires delaying the game by 5 mins or so was disrespectful and shows that he has finally lost the plot. Full credit to Aleem Dar for keeping his cool and talking to RP with much calmness and coolness. Should have been more than the 40% deduction of his match fees.

David Lloyd really does make me laff, his handling of the Ponting situation on sky was absolutely superb
David Lloyd really does make me laff, his handling of the Ponting situation on sky was absolutely superb

Love to see him and Bill Lawry in a stint together!

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England retain the Ashes ...

2-1 in the series with one more test to go in the new year!

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