The Big Ten vs. SEC Challenge

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Confused, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Confused

    Confused Guest


    So we are at confused's house, but this is actually USArugger. We decided to go with Big Ten v. SEC. SO we went with the top teams based off spreseason rankings off some magazine (can't remember which one) so we had Ohio State vs. Florida. We flipped a coin and COnfused got tOSU.

    THe game started kind of slowly. I kicked to tOSU and held them to three and out. THen COnfused punted and he held me to three and out. Nothing really to say. I punted back to him and he had a third and long and made a big completion to midfield. THen I held him fro there and he had to punt. I ran for no gain from there. Then I threw a nice out-route for about 25 yards. I threw the next pass for a completion to the one yard line and then on third and goal I socred to go up 7-0. GO Gators!!!!!

    Confused got the ball back and used a balanced offense to move into my territory. He had a nice QB sweep on third and long to keep the drive alive. From there I held him tough and he kicked a 48 yard FG. (7-3 Gators).

    From there I got the kick. I dorve down to about midfield. I had a third and long and I ran an option and fumbled and it went forward and I got it back for a 1st down.. I was trying to move into scoring position as time wound down in teh half and I got sacked so the time ran out.

    In the 2nd half I got the ball and threw a nice 1st down pass on the first play, but then COnfused held me and I had to punt.

    Confused had a nice balanced drive (it really ****** me off how he can run between the tackles since I can't do it) and got down to my two. It was first and goal and I held him and he had to settle for a FG. (7-6 Florida)

    From there it got ugly. I got the ball back and threw a nice ball on a post pattern for a 25 yard gain but the WR fumbled and tOSU recovered. THe third QTR ended.

    tOSU had another balanced drive and threw about a 30 yard pass to my 1 yard line. From there he scored on a run up the gut. THe 2 pt conversion failed but I was off-side and he got another chance and made it. (14-7 tOSU)

    I went three and out.

    Ginn returned the punt to midfield and then I held them and they punted.

    I got the ball back and made it to midfield but then on third down I got sacked with about two minutes left.

    Confused ran the clock and burned all my timeouts. He punted to me.

    On second down I threw a flag route and he intercepted it and returned it for a TD.

    FInal score Confused (tOSU) 21 - USArugger (Florida) 7.

    Until next week good-bye!!!!
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  3. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    wicked stuff i love hearing how people go against other people, keep us posted :) cant beleive you rememer most stuff that happens :)
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I wanted West Virgina dammit.
  5. Confused

    Confused Guest

    We can try WVU later.

    We wanted to do a conference challenge. THe game was tougher than it sounded. My last TD was in garbage time so it was really a 1 TD game and he had a shot to tie it up late.

    It is way more fun playing head to head.
  6. Confused

    Confused Guest

    By the way, we don't remember all the stuff that happens. Since we knew the loser had to post, we were taking notes during the game. Not very detailed, but enough to help you remember.
  7. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    He likes to remind me that I was the loser!

    It is much harder to jump the snap against a human. With the AI, you can kind of anticipate. Not so with confused the ******...

    It is now Big Ten 1 and SEC 0. Next weekend we might not play since it is a holiday and we have too much real college football to watch. Also, Confused has to go to a wedding on Saturday...

    Next game is Michigan against Auburn. We have not flipped for teams yet.
  8. Confused

    Confused Guest

    Game #2 was an all-time classic. I got home from the wedding in time for us to play the game before we watch Florida State and Miami play for real...

    We flipped the coin and I got Michigan and USArugger got Auburn. We chose to put the game at Faurot Field (Mizzou) as a neutral site. Michigan was wearing their Maize and Blue home jerseys and Auburn was in White.

    Auburn won the toss and elected to receive.

    I kicked to Auburn and they had a decent return. USArugger opened up with a couple of runs which I stuffed. On third and long I sent a blitz which he picked up and completed a big pass for a first down. He then ran three straight plays with TB Kenny Irons for another first down. He ran two more times and had a third and six. He threw an out to his WR and my corner hit him immediately and brought him down short of the 1st down marker. Great open-field tackle, but he was called for a 15-yard facemask. 1st Down Auburn in Michigan teritory. From there he called a play-action bomb that completely fooled me. I bit hard and he hit a wide-open Courtney Taylor for the long TD. The XP was good and it was 7-0 AUburn. THey burned most of the first quarter with that drive.

    Auburn kicked to me. I got a first down on my second play and then he held up my running game and put me at third and long. I was trying a corner route to the TE, but he blitzed and got through cleanly for the sack. 4th down. I punted and the quarter ended still 7-0 Auburn.

    I stuffed him on two straight runs. Lamar Woodley (Mich LB) is a stud!!!! I blitzed again on third and long but his QB ducked the blitz and he hit a well-covered receiver for a big 15-yard gain and a first down. Auburn's momentum was now above half. USArugger turned to TB Kenny Irons and ran it three straight times up the gut for another first down. After a first-down incompletion (passer was hurried) I stuffed him on a run to bring up another third and long. He throws a pass that is tipped for an incompletion and I force 4th down. I am pumped up, but USArugger leaves his offense on the field and hits a wide-open WR on a post pattern for the first down. Momentum is now almost maxed out for AU. On the very next play he hits Taylor in the back of the endzone for a TD. (14-0 AU).

    There is now 1:33 left to play in the first half. I get possession at my 22. I throw the first pass to Hart out of the backfield for about 15 and I can't get out of bounds. I don't panic. I call my play and hit #16 at mid-field on an out. THe ball gets tipped by the defender but somehow he comes up with it. I hit Breaston in-stride on a fly for a TD. (50 yards). He just blows right by the CB.

    Auburn gets the ball back and USArugger decides to take his 14-7 lead to the half. He runs three plays up the gut to run out the clock but somehow gets a first down on the third play. WIth 25 second left he launches a bomb to a wideout that goes to my 15. Nine second left. He takes one shot at the endzone incomplete. He settles for the FG as time runs out. 17-7 Auburn at the half.

    Auburn has a nice balanced attack and I can't get my running game going with Michigan.

    2nd Half: AUburn kicks to me. I hit a first down pass for 15 yards. THen I run three straight plays with Hart for a first down. I run two more for five yards. On third and 5, I call a pass and Henne gets flushed out of the pocket. SOmehow I manage to scramble for the first down. I run three more times for a first down and then I hit a play-action pass for another TD on a flag route (can't remember which WR). 17-14 Auburn. I now have the momentum.

    I hold Auburn to three and out and he punts.

    My runnign game is now on with Hart and I have momentum so I run three times for a first down. I run two more times for 8 yards. THis brings up a big third and 2. Auburn stacks the line and I run a play-action and hit the TE for a huge first down in Auburn territory (I love the TE). THe third quarter ends. I compelte two short passes for about 4 yards. On third and six from his 35, I throw an incompletion. I nail the 49 yard FG to tie the game.

    I punt to Auburn and they go three and out. Woodley gets a HUGE sack. (USArugger insert here) At this point, I thought I was done. My offense sucked, Mich had the momentum, and nothing was working. I punted knowing that I would never see the ball again and would lose...

    (Confused again) 1:46 was left on the clock and I had about 3/4 momentum. I hit Breaston on a huge pass but he gets called for too much celebration (15 yards). I got another big pass to get in his territory. I hit the TE across the middle for about 15 yards and he hets called for excessive celebration too!!!! No way, the console cheat is on!!!! I compelte two short passes and now it is 3rd and long at about the 35. I drop back to pass and a blitzer comes in untouched for the sack. USArugger and AUburn are saved. I throw one to the endzone on 4th and 24 and it is incompete. THe turnover gives Auburn huge momentum.

    Woodley sacks the QB on the first play so USArugger runs out the clock. 17-17 going into OT.

    AUburn gets the ball first and hits a big pass to my 13. He then throws another to my six. I stuff him on a run to bring up third and five from my 8 yard line. He throws to the endzone and my corner tips it. He gets the FG to go up 20-17.

    On my first play I hit the TE on a corner route for a TD. 23-20 MICHIGAN wins.

    Confused is 2-0 and the Big Ten is 2-0 against the SEC!!!!!
  9. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    good stuff, that was great to read :)
  10. Confused

    Confused Guest

    LSU vs. Iowa is next. Here is the rest of the schedule...

    LSU vs. Iowa
    Georgia vs. Wisconsin
    Tennessee vs. Purdue
    South Carolina vs. Penn State
    Arkansas vs. Michigan State
    Alabama vs. Northwestern
    Ole Miss vs. Minnesota
    Kentucky vs. Indiana
    Vanderbilt vs. Illinois

    Based of Athlon Sports pre-season rankings...

    Mississippi State does not get a game since the BIg Ten only has 11 teams.
  11. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Confused sucks!!!! I had him on that last game and then all of a sudden I could do nothing on offense.

    I will beat him before this challenge is over...

    I think the momentum meter makes a big difference.
  12. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I am of course expecting whoever plays as Iowa will throw the game on purpose.
  13. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    FLUSH TWICE!!!!! :bana:
  14. Confused

    Confused Guest

    I won't throw it either way. As much as I hate Iowa, I hate losing to USArugger more!!!!
  15. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    When's this epic blockbuster due to be played?
  16. Confused

    Confused Guest

    Possibly today (Sunday) but more likely tomorrow after the Vikings game.

    After sitting on my a$$ watching college football all day yesterday I have a long "honey-do" list.
  17. Confused

    Confused Guest


    We did it. Iowa vs. LSU. We flipped for it and I got LSU. Sweet!!!!! We played the game in Memphis. Iowa in black and LSU in the white jerseys with gold pants.

    I kicked off to Iowa. Two runs and it was quickly third and long. Drew Tate rolled out and threw a nice first down pass to keep the drive alive. A run for no gain, a short completion, and an incompletion result in an Iowa punt.

    LSU ball at about the 30. I went three and out. Tried to run the ball but no luck. I punt to Iowa. Iowa runs another off-tackle and I stuff him. They then hit a short pass for about seven yards to their 29. Tate had all day to throw. THird and short he throws a play-action bomp for a 71 yard TD. Not looking good for LSU. I need to get my running game going.

    I get two first downs with five consecutive running plays and the first quarter ends. It is 3rd and 14 from about midfield. Russel hits Craig David for a nice 20 yard pass for the first down. Now I am feeling good. I run Broussard up the gut for about five and then I hit #80 Dwayne Bowe on a fly for a TD. (7-7 tie) I got the running game going and the pass is good too. I can feel Iowa crumbling.

    USArugger tries two runs with Albert Young and is stuffed. I am feeling good and I want to end it here so I run a nickel with the 2-deep xone and the nickel-back blitzing. I jump the snap and have Tate dead to rights, but somehow USArugger ducks Tate out of the rush and hits Herb Grigsby for the 1st down. Dang!!!! On the very next play, Tate throws a 57 yard bomb for a TD to Calvin Davis. (14-7 Iowa). THis is ticking me off. I am out-playing him but the bombs are the great equalizer.

    TIme is short in the half so I use a short passing game to get to about mid-field. On second down Iowa DE Kenny Iwebema busts through to sack Russell and bring up 3rd and 14. I throw an incompletion to bring up 4th down. WIth 20 seconds left I punt and down it inside the ten. USArugger runs out the clock to go into the half up 14-7. I am still feeling good since I have been hanging tough and all USArugger has is two big plays. Also, I get the ball to start the second half.

    LSU gets a nice kick return and I start at the 30. Russell completes a nice pass for about 12 yards to the big TE #89 Keith Zinger. I then run the ball three times with Broussard for another first down at about mid-field. Two more runs and I am sitting at third and 3 at his 45. I was tempted to run it up the gut because my running game was getting on track, but I decided to hit Davis on a fly instead. Russell drops back and look to the left and Davis is running right by the CB with no safety help over the top. Easy TD. I loft the ball and push it slightly to the outside. He is wide open... and he drops it!?!?!?!?!?! Holy crap. Well all is OK. I will punt and pin him deep. I am only down 7.

    Iowa gets the ball with 2:37 left in the third QTR. I pin him at his 8. Tate has literally all day to throw no matter what I try to do to get a pass rush. He throws a 20 yarder to the TE. THen Iowa runs three straight times for another first down. A third down out-route for another first down and they are now at my 29. Tate drops back and has all day.... He throws to the Endzone and LSU CB CHevis Jackson tips it away (thank God). On the next play, ALbert YOung runs it 29 yards for a TD. 21-7 Iowa. Now I am worried. My game is ball-control and running the ball and USA rugger has taken me out of that game. The third quarter ends.

    Iowa momentum is now maxed out. Russell gets sacked on the first play. On the next pkay, he completes a nice 25 yarder to Dwayne Bowe streaking up the left side and Bowe coughs up the ball when he is hit. Iowa ball... Down 21-7 with about 4 minutes left and Iowa has the ball at midfield. Not good.

    USA rugger then does the dumbest thing in history. He throws an incomplete pass on first down. On second down he throws a pass for minus four yards and his guy goes out of bounds. A third and long incompletion and I am getting the ball back with only 11 seconds off the clock. (ha ha ha). Dumb, dumb, dumb. THis is why he can never beat me. He always lets the door back open instead of nailing the coffin shut.

    I now have the opportunity to get back in this thing. Three passes and three incompletions and I am punting. Dangit!!!!!

    Iowa then goes on a methodical running drive and makes it ugly. His TB is cranking out at least six or seven yards per carry. He drives all the way to my 18 yard line and he scores again on an 18 yard run with four seconds left. PUTTING SALT ON THE WOUND!!!!!! That is how he is too!!! WHen he gets a win against me (rare, very rare) he insists on rubbing it in!!!!!

    Final score: Iowa 28 - LSU 7. My first loss to USA rugger in the challenge.

    Confused 2-1
    Big Ten 3-0

    Until next week...
  18. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    It was nice to finally whoop his ass!!!! I thought I had him in the last game. Confused likes to talk smack. I will admit that I scored the last TD with four seconds to go just to rub his nose in it. Bad sportsmanship? Yes!!!! Ha Ha...

    I never feel like I have him beat until the final whistle. He always finds some way to win. When I went three and out in the 4th QTR, I thought he was going to come back.

    The way to beat confused:

    1) Stuff the run
    2) Get the lead and make him pass to win.
    3) Keep merciless pressure on his QB
  19. Confused

    Confused Guest

    Beats me one time and he starts talking... Let's hear it for USArugger, he is sooooo good!!
  20. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Imagine that, stop the run and make him pass.

  21. Confused

    Confused Guest

    Yeah, what a concept!!! ALl you gotta do is stop the run and pressure the QB. It is so dang simple...
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