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the depth in nz

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not saying we are the best becoz we aint the world cup holders

but man..i was watchin the nth harbour an wellington game and we have got alot of talent in those two teams alone to field a decent int test...decent being the word here

come to think of it...the only real position we lack quality in is lock..which isnt bad
coz we got filipo,mika,***o the two from waikato and they dont exactly suck

i am very impressed with our looseforward options

nick williams is a monster!!!..he will def make his way to the test scene soon enough and kaino too...while holah and mccaw,collins and sooialo hold that ***le..we got lauaki,blackie,newby,braid,masoe,latu,ormond,messam,bates,ormsby

who may not be class but certainly have potential to be..and maybe even surpass that

wat a bout auckland?...williams and kaino with braid to do the dirty werk in the sup14..cant wait

....we have always had the players,but i guess it comes down to them and nzru development and hope next seasons expanded npc will keep our players home and build them up to the highest level!

our first fives and midfields r covered..our wings and fullback is covered
we got some awesome props outthere and our looseforwards are awesome..and the next gen of halfbacks r going good(go weepu and kelleher)..all in all really we have talent galore!!! i love npc!!!

we just need to keep them here in nz and let them progress...we have suffered to key injuries in the past worldcup with both campaigning teams making wrong positional changes....we shud hav this figured thru by now..


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