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the "In my pants" game

Nirvana - About a Girl in my pants
The Beatles - Baby it's You in my pants
Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution in my pants
Queens of The Stone Age - I never Came in my pants

SOAD - Violent Pornography in my pants.

Tool - Jerk Off in my pants

Primus - Professor Nutbutters House of Treats in my pants.

Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing in my pants

Britney Spears - Oops I did it again in my pants.

Cat Stevens - Where do the Children play in my pants

Crash Test Dummies - Thick Necked man in my pants

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Catholic Schoolgirls Rule in my pants

Incubus - Wish you were here in my pants

Metallica - The House that Jack Built in my pants.

Talking Heads - Burning down the House in my pants.
lol thanks kaftka for the crash test dummies

mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm in my pants LOL

sorry lame i know

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