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The NEXT model

lucky number 7

Jan 26, 2010
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Christmas Island
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Right lads ..we entered one of my mates into the model competition for the shits and giggles as we found an awfully silly looking photo of him.

Since sharing this around he has jumped 8000 places in the last hour...looking to get him into the top 250 so he gets invited to some model thing...


if you could take the time to vote for him ..multiple times if it tickles your fancy myself and the lads would be much obliged...

P.s ..he still doesn't know about it.
Cheers lads in the last 1000 or so now... We told him last night and he is grand about it surprisingly :p
Fair play to the guy going along with it. If he wins he gets £2000 voucher.
Yeah told him last night , he was in playing tag tonight and he thought it was right craic..promised he would go to London to the audition if he got there :)

Hah, good lad.
Roland seems to have quite a following, will be tough to overtake him.
Yeah all we want really is to keep him in the top 250 so he has to go to the modelling competition

in 25 hours he went from 13,000th to 16th.
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The top 250 go to a modelling competition?

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