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Hello One And All,

You best all take a seat as I have had an idea...

I would like to create a TRF Calendar, with Images of Rugby...

Now the issue is that Images will need to be Owned by The Rugby Forum, or at least have the permission to use them, so this would mean I am looking for Grass Routes Rugby...

Also need to look at setting up the calendar with Key Rugby Dates for next year..

SO what do people think??
Okay, I've enquired with one of the photographers on comeonyousaints.com about purchasing photographs, this is an example of some shots they produce (this was today and one of the lower end shots I've seen in terms of quality);


I believe that all the sportnetork sites have keen snappers who upload their photos.

Have you also looked into publishers etc. What sort of profit margin could we make? How much would we have to spare for publishing rights on the photos? Will there be time for Production and publishing before the new year?

I do feel this could possable have been left a bit late in the year to get it going properly.

Not dumb at all!

I'd be happy to sell publishing rights, but as regards rates, to be straight with you, I'm not sure, as I 've never sold photos before. If I'm truly honest, I'd love to do so, as I'm trying to get into the more professional side of photography. If you wanted to publish the image, perhaps you'd like to make me a reasonable offer based on what others are charging?

Let me know - I'm at [email protected]



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More to follow tomorrow, but thought I would share this one with you: Smyler's try

What a rubbish game, BTW![/b]

I'm sorry if this sounds dumb, but would you sell any publishing rights for your photograph and if so, what would your rates be?

I only ask as we are looking to produce and publish a 2008 callender on TRF and are looking for images. What would your thoughts be?[/b]
TRF Naked Calender?

Anything those Stade Francais boys can do, surely we can do better?
We should use some of O'Rothlain's images on some of the months. George Hook's Sexy Party should be reserved for Valentines in February!

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