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Tiger Woods 06



If any of you think getting this on the cheep is a good idea aferr the the quality of previous Tiger Woods ***les, I recommed that you don't. It's f***ing ****.

That is all.
Thanks for that teh mite. Could you tell us the main issues wrong with the game? I have been tempted to buy Tiger Woods 2007. Though I'm unsure now.
The layout for the controls is arse to cock, the golf ball will literallyt fly off in any direction regardless of how well you hit it and the fonts for the menus etc are all so small you have no chance of reading them.
2006 sucks
2007 greatest sports game on x360

i am a tiger subscriber since 1999 - i know which versions suck and 2006 does

why buy a game that is outdated??

although i have heard virtua tennis 3 is now the best for sports

getting that soon


we all know the 2006 version of EAsports on x360 were all cack

that is all
I have 07 on my laptop... good game, but its an arse to swing the club with my teeny little mouse pad, you have to stop mid swing :p

getting the hang of it now though
Just my opinion but I didn't mind it, equally like 05, 06 and 07 although yet to fully play on X360 though...
Tried it again last night and just about managed to get to grips with the driving, however the putting system is god awful. Was this improved in 07?
putting is more simulated in 07, if u have it set to the highest difficulty setting

there is no tip - u eye ball the put, and with practice get used to the length, and 2 putting becomes the norm, with the odd 3 put.

there is no auto 1 put in 07 - u earn ur birdies

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