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Tiger Woods for the Wii


American Springbok

As President of The Golf Club at Seattle University, I must say...

Fuxk yeah. This game is the ****.

While Tiger pwns this game (it is his game after all) my favorite golfer on this game is Justin Rose (as I have just recently found out he's South Africa). Also, draining 200 yard 6 iron shots on standard mode is a great self-esteem boost. Anyone else get their hands on this wonderful game?
What do you think of the controls, from other reports they aren't that flash, what is your opinion, how well do they work for you and how close to realistic are they in your opinion?.
I understand they could do with a bit of tweaking, espescially the putting to make it more realistic.
I hope your not talking about 2007, because the controls were so Jerky. And the graphics were noting fantastic. A real wounded animal.
I've always preferred the more whimsical golf games ala Everybody's Golf myself. I am quite curious to try out the version of Pangya that's recently been released for the Wii...
The real fun in golf is putting IMO, so give me a mini golf game for the wii!
My buddies and I played Tiger Woods golf game on the Wii a few weeks back and it was pretty darn nice. It was nice to look at but if you make a wrong move you could end up miffing the swing. Had to spend a good amount of time practicing my swing before I felt alright trying to hit the ball straight.

I guess I might not be a Wii guy because I found out I like having a standard controller in my hands when I'm playing. The Wii makes you pay attention to how you hold the controller and how you move and I suppose you need a little more skill and body control to get good at some of the Wii games.

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