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Toulon to join Premiership next season

Would be interesting to see them handling the salary cap...
He's merely following the lead of Bruce Craig in making idle threats.

It has been rumoured today that Bath could sensationally drop out of the Aviva Premiership and join the Pro12. There has been much consternation in recent weeks from clubs regarding the salary cap in place for Premiership teams, which is holding them back from competing with the French big guns in Europe.
Bruce Craig, owner of Bath Rugby, is in Ireland to discuss the possibility of Bath joining what was formerly the Celtic League.


Assuming all of this is true, Craig wants to move his team to a league contested by other nations. The Welsh regions want out of their league for a slice of English action. Mourad Boudjellal also wants in on the Premiership gravy train. The SRU have entered into partnership with London Scottish who are governed by the RFU. The Premiership is exploring expanding to 14 teams. ERC was overthrown by EPCR over money. European club rugby is in a massive state of flux. I'm not sure if anyone can sort it out!
Jeez, cannot believe anyone is taking this near serious or is everyone just bored?!!
Even if PRL approved (which they won't) it would still require the sanction of the RFU (due to WR regulations about clubs playing in a foreign country's competition).

The RFU already have difficult customers to deal with in PRL, why on earth would they want put themselves in the position of having to deal with the king of shít-stirring arseholes on a daily basis?

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