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When will thre be a trailer released because most games release trailers like 5 months before the game comes out.
There has been a lot of moving around from developer to developer, am I correct? or is it company, I think.

I understand what you are saying though, I was thinking this the other day, I WANT SOME FOOTAGE!!!

But patience is a virtue.
I'm not sure there will a trailer, demo or any other substantial marketing materials released for this ***le prior to launch.

We are in an unfortunate position where our original publisher went bust. The guys in Europe have managed to hold their business together but have had to partner with Ubisoft to get the game released.

We're sort of caught in the middle of all this and to be fair, the thing that will suffer most is RC2006. Don't get me wrong, we are really grateful to both Hip and Ubi for managing to get it to market, but I think RC2006 will slip out pretty much unnoticed.

I know some of you rely on assets to decide whether the game is worth buying. The only thing I ask is if you rent it or play it on your mates machine and think it's good - please go out and buy it.

I don't think you will need to pre-order!
No worries im just getting rely excited

ps im definately gonna buy the game.
To be honest from what I have seen of the product, I think it will create a significant buzz on release in that a lot of people will be hearing good things about it and wondering " Where TF has this come from ".

This could create a real underground stir and could work in the games favour initially. I think also almost all rugby fans who see a copy in their local shop will be intrigued enough to take it over to the counter and cough up the required dough.

FWIW I think all GOOD products succeed in the end. Nuff said.
Don't get me wrong, I am going to buy it. We don't get many rugby games and when we do I always cough up for them to see what they are like, if they are good then...thats a bonus...

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