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St Helens RLFC

What's made you laugh over the years?

I'll make a basic start:

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("Get Naked")</div>
Anyone who says otherwise is a Communist."[/b]

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("Boy")</div>
It was at that point that I realise Henson must die." [/b]

Join in!
Kaftka -
All your base are belong to us

QUOTE (kaftka Posted: Jul 26 2006 @ 11:46 AM)

And just to add to that awful ammount of puns...
"I'm going to retire shortly, and I'm looking for some pitch with a fine leg for me to stump and for you to rub balls against your crotch and eventually, hopefully before my half century, give me a nice delivery after I've f***ed you a few times... Will you be my piece of ass?[/b]

This reminds me of an old thread....might go and dig it up lol.

Dear MacGuyver,

Enclosed is a rubber band, a paper clip, and a drinking straw. Please save my dog.


Nemesis Wanted:

I'm 24, into woodwork, books and politics (by day), justice, honour, and vengeance (by night).

Seeking arch-enemy, possibly crime lord or deformed meglomaniac.

Can you help? Call or send pm. [/b]

<div class='quotemain'> So, is it now fair to say that Saint Helens killed the laughter?

Our heroic forum nazi, standing on a pile of rotting joke books, waving his trusty flamethrower above his head and yelling at the huddled masses who breathe in the fiery rain he shoots off at regular intervals.

He screams, "Fight for my love!"

The members -- I'd call them 'people' but they're not. They are only electronic points of view -- turn on each other, naked and dirty, bearing virtual teeth and castration scars.

They bleed and punch and bite and finally when they're opponent dies, they are pitted against another winner.

The battering ensues.

The last one standing, exhausted and senile, climbs to the top of the rotting pile of joke books and stares our heroic forum nazi in the eye awaiting his next command.

There is silence,

and then,

the voices in its head echoing the words from before, "Fight for my love!"

Our last member claws at its flesh, removing chunks of hair and skin, driving bone into bone, finally collapsing, but still grinding it all against the coarse paper of the rotting joke books.

Before the light dies inside, with one eye upturned and gouged out, it fixes itself on our heroic forum nazi who stands with a smirk, and then a sigh, before muttering something about, "Union being ****," and then walking off.

The other eye, downturned and hollowed in, fixes itself on the course paper.

It sees the line, "Two men walk into a bar. You'da thought the second man would've ducked." [/b]
Captain America (For St Helens)

As we come to the end of another fine Super League season, we remember the heroic efforts of our respective teams: the rivalries, the victories, but more importantly, the losses administered to Wigan and Saints – much to the chagrin of their number one fans: Wig Rob and St. Dan.

Why, it was on a lovely Wednesday, July 21, page 7 of this thread, when the mighty ‘Cougars’ gauntlet was first thrown. Happy days. On that day, it was determined that a crushing loss to either Wigan or Saints would raise the hallowed call of Keighley’s pride and joy -- And make no mistake, our friends at Saints -- that very weekend! -- made sure the wailing wail of my little West Yorshirese gem was heard across TRF.

*All quotes taken from this very thread.

23 July
Leeds 70 v Saints 0
:lol: July 18, St. Dan quote (about Saints chances that week): I strongly fancy us to do it
July 29: The debut of COOOOOUUU-GARS!
The Saints got spanked, but to be fair, here's Roger Moore as The Saint, spanking:

1 August
London 22 v Wigan 20
:lol: June 21, Wig Rob quote: The worst team I’ve seen this season was London when they played us.
:lol: June 28, Wig Rob quote: London are unbelieveably worse.

8 August
Salford 30 v Saints 20
:lol: June 25, St. Dan quote: Salford, Widnes, Castleford and London are poor.
:lol: June 28, St. Dan quote: I want Salford to go down, they are without a doubt the worst team I've seen this season.
:lol: June 28, St. Dan quote: Salford have nobody
:ph34r: Aug 9: Prompted by St. Dan’s ‘awaits cry of COUGARS’ post, the good captain (without telling anyone) amends the rule from ‘if they get crushed’ to ‘if they lose.’

The flood gates promptly opened.

13 August
Saints 22 v London 28
:lol: June 25, St. Dan quote: Salford, Widnes, Castleford and London are poor.
Aug 14, Ripper joins the Coooouuu-gars! bandwagon.

20 August
Wigan 27 v Saints 18
:eek: Aug 21: St. Dan confronts ‘captainhypocrite’ about rule change.
:p Aug 24: Captainamerica sheds light. St. Dan acquiesces after looking at the table.

28 August
Widnes 20 v Wigan 16

10 September
Saints 19 v Leeds 25

16 September
:eek: In a vicious display of blind, ugly violence, St. Dan posts the National League One results and table: Showing the mighty Keighley Cougars strategic loss to Halifax, and their triumphant reign at the bottom of the table.
:ph34r: Captainamerica strikes while the iron is hot, calling St. Dan ‘bourgeois.’

17 September
Bradford 64 v Saints 24
:lol: June 25, St. Dan quote: Bradford are a poor team this season.
:lol: July 7, St. Dan quote: Fielden is our best prop but he's been distinctly average in a distinctly average Bradford team.

21 September
Wig Rob questions the good captains’ colors.

<_< Captainamerica relents -- Though he may think that he is black and that he is proud, he is actually green, red, and white, with gold trim.
And languishing at the bottom of National League One.

25 September
Wigan 18 v Saints 12
:eek: 27 Sept: Wig Rob sings Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best.’
--We don’t ask why he knows the words. We just know that he went to France for a while and had a ‘good time.’

8 October
Leeds 40 v Wigan 12
Wigan's last chance . . . and they are out:

And now, to make up for missed opportunity. I present the first half of the Super League results in Cougarian favor.

20 February
Bradford 34 v Wigan 6

19 March
Leeds 36 v Wigan 24

4 April
Huddersfield 26 v Wigan 10

12 April
Bradford 54 v Saints 8
Lest we forget:
:lol: June 25, St. Dan quote: Bradford are a poor team this season

28 May
Warrington 34 v Wigan 18

4 June
Wigan 30 v Saints 14

2 July
Wakefield Trinity 41 v Saints 22

17 July
Hull 34 v Saints 6

You're welcome.

The Captain

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