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TRF St Patricks Day Guinness Idol



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The Idea behind Guinness Idol is to post up Pictures of you in Guinness Related Apparrel.

Whether it be a Guinness Rugby Shirt or a Guinness Hat...

If you have a pint of Guinness in your hand even better....

Prize: I will think of one!!!
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In my opinion St.Patricks day is almost as awful a day to go out drinking as New Years Day.
Everyone's drunk and annoying.

I despise it.

But, like New Years, it's always easy to pull.

Swings and roundabouts.
No one started one :p

Otherwise it would of been the TRF Great Leek Challenge :p
How fun... :rolleyes:

Surely a BRAINS challenege would have been better.
Drink 8 pints of BRAINS then challenge your Brain to a TRF quiz.
Winner takes it all!
You we actually have to drink the Guinness in order to enter?

I plan to order 4 just so I can get one of the big hats though.
You have to have a pint of guinness in the pic...

I will be posting mine after St Patricks Night...
Oh yeah?
You wanna see big guns?
Come St.Paddy's day i'm gonna be a walking Shamrock!
And i'll pose for the camera with my half pint of guinness and put you ALL to shame!


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