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Two Canadians to join Northampton Saints

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So Canadian number 8 Sean-Michael Stephen and winger Justin Mensah-Coker both seem to have struck deals with English Club Northampton saints. This is great news for Canada as it adds two pros to our National squad. Does anyone have any extra info on this and know about any chances they might have as starters?
We have two canadians down at Bedford aswell: James Pritchard and Garth Cooke. Is Cooke any good?
Pritchard will be OK in ND1, but don't get your hopes up about him if Bedford ever get promoted. He plays with plenty of heart, but he's simply not good enough for the top level.

As for Stephen and Coker, I believe they are on trial before joining the academy. But don't quote me on thet.
Canada West Justin Mensah-Coker’s efforts in scoring four tries in the first leg earned him his first of three international caps and a professional contract with Northampton Saints puts him on one wing with tournament MVP, Brian Barnard on the other. Barnard’s last-minute try against Canada East saw him salvage a win for his team when all seemed lost, and his two tries, one a length-of-the-field intercept run against Canada West in Vancouver, nearly sealed another improbable win, before finally losing 25-24.

Some difficult choices for the back row as many players played well, but after much argument Canada East #8 Sean-Michael Stephen earns the pivotal spot at the back because of his dynamic play. His sterling play during the first leg of the NA4 earned him the starting spot on the Canadian Senior Men’s team for its first four games in 2006 as well as a contract in Britain with the Northampton Saints. Mark Aylor, the US Falcon number eight, has been chosen out of position at #6 because he deserves a spot on the side and with Stephen would make a fine back row pairing.

All start team of the NA4

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