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Ulster v Llanelli - Pool 5


An Tarbh

Ulster go into this game without their first choice half back pairing but have capable backup in the shape of Paddy Wallace and Kieran Campbell.

Llanelli have been in dismal form over the Christmas period and could well be there for the taking as Ulster have not done too badly over the same period, no disgrace losing to Leinster away.

The Scarlets have shown huge character in getting that win in Toulouse but it is debateable whether the Ulster defence will be as generous as their French counterparts and should their own defence be as porous then Ulster have the players to hurt the Scarlets and possibly dent their hopes of getting a home quarter final.
Teams for the game,

Ulster: Mark Bartholomeusz, Tommy Bowe, Andrew Trimble, Paul Steinmetz, Paul McKenzie, Paddy Wallace, Kieran Campbell, Bryan Young, Rory Best, Simon Best (capt), Justin Harrison, Matt McCullough, Neil Best, Kieron Dawson, Roger Wilson.
Replacements (from): Paul Shields, Justin Fitzpatrick, Tim Barker, Ryan Caldwell, Neil McMillen, Paul Marshall, Isaac Boss, Adam Larkin, Bryn Cunningham, Kevin Maggs.

Scarlets: Morgan Stoddart; Dafydd James, Regan King, Gavin Evans, Mark Jones; Stephen Jones, Dwayne Peel; Iestyn Thomas, Matthew Rees, Deacon Manu, Adam Jones, Scott MacLeod, Simon Easterby (capt), Gavin Thomas, Alix Popham.
Replacements: John Davies, Ken Owens, Vernon Cooper, Dafydd Jones, Clive Stuart-Smith, Ceiron Thomas, Matthew Watkins.

Its gonna be interesting game. I think that Ulster will sneak it, the scarlets have lost they're form & I don't think they will be up for it.
Great victory for the Scarlets over there in Ravenhill. 11-7 to Ulster at half-time, but they did not take advantage of the wind. 15 minutes into the second half, after alot of Ulster pressure, Scarlets started to catch fire and scored 4 tries, to give the Scarlets a bonus point win!

HT: 11-7

Some great tries in this match. Scarlets are surely looking like a great team in Europe this season!
Another 5 point haul for the Scarlets away from home, good thing for their quarter final opponent is that they'll be playing at Stradey. At this rate Scarlets are looking good to get one of the best runners-up which should make their passage into the semis a little easier.
can you dig it sucka?

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Scarlets destroyed the Magners League champions and current leaders 11-35 away !
Dragons beat current English leaders 17 -11!
Can the Ospreys round off a great Welsh weekend?
lol at all those who predicted an Ulster win in the predictions thread!

Given their record at Ravenhill and the Scarlets form of late they weren't unreasonable predictions but hats off to the Scarlets they're really producing the goods in the HEC.
Llanelli played it smart, and they could do well against French teams even when it's dry. They'll probably take Leinster, but they'll be destroyed by Biarritz, Munster or a tough English team (if there are any left).

What odds on two Welsh teams in the semis? About time. G'wan, ya boya.
Munster aren't that great, when they won it last year the Dragons(!!!) were beating them at Thomond towards the end of the game. I reckon the Scarlets have as good a chance against Biarittz as anyone. After all they only just beat the Borders at home. Also there's a (very) slight chance there'll be no English teams left at all in the knock-out stages!
well there'll be at least 2 possibly 3 so not much chance of none.

As for Munster barely beating the Dragons last season, that's just the sign of a great team that they can still win comfortably in the end by playing quite badly throughout.

There's been no need for Biarritz to step up a gear in the pool stages cause the opposition has just been so ordinary, now it might count against them in the latter stages when they face a proper side but given the competition they have in France the balance is just about right for them.

Llanelli are the one team who seem to have peeked in the pool stages which would be a concern, especially considering the gap there'll be between now and the quarter finals, how easily will they be able to turn it back on?
Well they seemed to 'turn it back on' yesterday after their pathetic Christmas form in the ML. At the start of this tournament also everyone would've considered a QF/SF away at Toulouse 'hard'. BTW the Scarlets inflicted Ulster heaviest home defeat in the HC yesterday, beating the previous record by 1 point, that record belonging to..............Llanelli! A bit of a bogey team for Ulster no?

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