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URC 2023/2024 Round 13


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Sep 7, 2009
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Round 13

Fri 29 Mar Leinster v Bulls (7.35pm)

Fri 29 Mar Dragons v Zebre Parma (7.35pm) Live on BBC Wales

Sat 30 Mar Benetton v Connacht (1pm)

Sat 30 Mar Sharks v Edinburgh (1pm)

Sat 30 Mar Ospreys v Lions (3.05pm) Live on S4C

Sat 30 Mar Stormers v Ulster (5.15pm)

Sat 30 Mar Scarlets v Glasgow (7.35pm)

Sat 30 Mar Munster v Cardiff (7.35pm) Live on S4C
Only the 3rd season but of all the overseas sides it feels like we have the most "beef" with Ulster and now they are rocking up with Kitsie whilst we are in the middle of a loosehead injury crisis.
In Eugene OR airport. Delayed for 90mins. Just signed up to Florugby for 30 bucks to watch this game. In a bar drinking 660ml beers.

Expect some horrific messages. **** this Welsh guy in the middle. Falling for every Jake White trick in the book so far.
Obstruction on VDF there. McGrath has ****** himself there, that's him gone for the European leg.

Good game this.

McGrath should get sent off here tbh.
The Larmour redemption is enjoyable. Jamie Osbourne will pass @munstermuffin requirements next week when he starts v Tigers. Great player.
Hopefully he does get in but who do you drop. Henshaw or Ringrose?
Must add.
McGrath lucky he available next week we'll should've seen red. Milne was very good and I think the Bulls were terrible after 20mins
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Impressive result for Leinster and handy one for us.

I really rate Rob Russell now, he's actually rapid. Arendse looks like a thoroughbred even when his team is playing like muck.
Oof, Libbok is having an absolute shocker of a game.
Only compliments for the ref though. Clear communication throughout. More of him in the URC please.
Game over.

Man of the match: (joint) Sam Grove-White/Cape Town crowd

Second half was just Stormers applying constant pressure and eventually through all that pressure a win. Really should have done more with all that pressure and possession and need to take a look at themselves moving forward (Stormers). Felt like there was not enough continuity with the ball, and especially in the first half just not enough control in the game.

Knock out rugby in the end. Wouldn't really call out any Stormer player for being the difference.

And so, want to give a shout out to that crowd for really turning up in a cross-continental derby. I don't know the numbers but 25k to 30k feels about right and great to see.

I love the honesty of Dobson for just calling out the team not doing enough. Just being too loose.

And MOTM for Sam Grove-White. Clear communication with both teams. Supporting his assistant referees throughout and I think most importantly being consistent throughout the game and communicating with both teams. I've not noticed him too much before, but he is now on my radar for World Cup knock out referee for 2027. Still young. But if he keeps the consistency up, he is in with a shout.
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And continuing the conversation since we are all a bit quite from the URC bunch post-WC.

Positive signs this weekend from last from Ulster. From last week to this a significant step up, especially away from home.

Gives them a decent positioning against Montpellier in their next game. Especially getting accustomed to their new coach.

Stormers having La Rochelle at home feels like a dice roll. Pitched up well last weekend, scraped across the line today… hopefully a wake up call but even a wake-up call may not be enough against that team.
Watching Munster Cardiff...

Munster have looked poor, I cant believe Belcher getting lifted in the air at a ruck by 2 Munster man and landing on his head resulted in just a yellow lol.

However, the Cardiff team is so lacking quality, Cabango pff the bench cant catch a ball, Adam's looks like an old man, and seb Davies lol.

Tomos Young, off the bench to make a difference though, best Welsh back rower by a mile, cant buy a cap

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