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URC 2023 /2024 Round 15

people talking about Jordie Barrett but there real noise is Finlay christie playing fullback for Leinster
With how things are going, not only is the tour lack of any points bad in terms of losing the top table position, but the impact on points difference is also really critical
Something that seemed obvious in the Cardiff and Ospreys games yesterday was a distinct lack of power and size. You can have all the skill in the world in the backs but if you are losing the collisions all game or trying to manage firepower through defence for long periods you are bound to tire.

Fair play to Edinburgh yesterday, they controlled the game really well and whilst I'm not sure they've got the backs to challenge the top 4, but they've certainly got a big pack and played to their strengths very well.

Seemed a game too far for Cardiff, we were uncharacteristically tired second half having had a huge number of defensive sets in the first. Worried about the two away games in SA now, they've come at a bad time.
I expected more from Leinster but understand it's very much a full c team. We didn't even play particularly well. We still lack the discipline and accuracy needed to reach a final.

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