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US Open

Wouldn't be too surprised if Henman beats Federer, has a decent record against him but would probably lose to Hewitt, don't think he's ever beaten him.
Hewitt is playing his sister's boyfriend in the semi. I'd bet on a Hewitt vs Federer final.
Federer beat Henman in straight sets to set up a final against Lleyton Hewitt. Hewitt may be the form guy this Summer but Federer has the class to take the ***le.
Poor Hewitt....his best chance against Federer was for Agassi to take him out earlier. When this didn't happen it was all over.

Still on that tennis game on XBox Hewitt is the man...boy...something.
Wrong US Open , but f*** me there's a Kiwi 2 shots clear at Pinehurst thru 15!!
How are the Aussies doing? Alright from what I catch on the news from time to time.

Michael Campbell shot ahead of Woods to take the US Open!!!

A New Zealander puts on the Green Jacket!

Now the Maori can come home and buy his local fish and chips shop.........

Sorry I was in so much shock I put it on the wrong thread

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