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    Hi folks

    This post just to let you know that on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup in France, we are organising four international veteran tournaments in Marseille (one of the cities hosting RWC matches). Each tournament will occur the day before of after a RWC match day in Marseille, and stretch over one day. The spirit of this competition is rugby, fun and friendship before all.

    Tournament venues:
    1° - September, Sunday 9th, the day after New Zealand - Italy
    2° - September, Sunday 23rd, the day after Argentina - Namibia
    3° - September, Saturday 29th, the day before France - Georgia
    4°- October, Friday 5th, the day before the two quarterfinals 1B-2A and 1A-2B

    We encourage any veteran (30+) side to take part to this event. Players without complete team are also welcome and will be joined together in the “Barbarian’s†team.

    So if you plan to come over to see a RWC match in France, think about taking part to this event for an unforgettable weekend. Even if you don’t have tickets, you may think about coming anyway: RWC matches will be projected on giant screens along the beach… :cheers:

    I leave you my email address if you want to contact me for more details:
    grubish (at)
    Inquiries are welcome.
    Hope to see you in Marseille


    For more information see:
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