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Wasps v Bath



<div align="center">[*]"Those charged with the responsibility of playing will have to really dig in. "We let ourselves down badly there last season so we want to make amends for that.
"And we want to show people the players of Bath have got pride in their jersey and pride in playing for their club with a whole-hearted performance."

C'mon Wasps :cheers:

winger Tom Voyce is recalled and Josh Lewsey starts at full-back instead of Mark Van Gisbergen.[/b]

It's about time Van Gisbergen was dropped to the bench. He's been dreadful lately in the games I've seen.
I think this is going to be a great game especially with Bath in their current form...

Wasps only managed to draw with Bristol away from home, but Bristol haven't been having a great season, Bath were lucky that they weren't missing a lot of the team during the world cup and the team has been able to play as a team longer than most in the premiership.

I would pick Bath to win this game
Bet 365 offers over 17,5 pts on Bath team.
Bath in current season (GP,HC) , have only one match below this line: 16-26 v Tigers
IMO, it's better pick.
Wasps need points. To be very difficult game for Bath. Wasps attack good, defence poor + D Cipriani, he must win.
My prediction: 26- 21
Another good pick: Bath (+8,5)
An absolutely f***ING Disgrace, the poorest display of refereeing I have seen in ages... The Ref has sin binned Grewcock for stamping when he was clearly driving over, reversed a penalty decision...

The number of times Wasps have been holding on and have got away with it is ridiculous... There couldn't be a more biased ref in the sport, if there is he should be shot and hung drawn and quartered...
Well Bath didn't play fantastic Rugby to start with but poor refereeing and decisions forced them to 20 - 0 deficit at half time and down to 14 men... this basically meant that Bath were not going to win this game... With the main aim in the second half was to salvage something a bonus point from the game... Second half started off better for Bath, with them picking up there game... Bath failed to take opportunities during this game, also having a try decision go against them in the 70th minute which would of secured the bonus point for Bath. Barkley played superb, and just got better and better growing into the game...

On the Wasps front, they were clinical and played some great rugby with a great defence... Sackey played some good rugby and would of been my choice for man of the match, making a superb tackle on Barkley to deny him a try...

Hero of the game - Paul Sackey (Wasps)
Villian of the Game - The Match Officials - Poor display from all of them

Final Score

Wasps 25 - 10 Bath
Agree with some of the earlier comments why is Van Gisbergen even in the squad? he always seems to make fundamental mistakes like being penalised for holding on and that peace of dreadful defeding last week which allowed Arscotts second try.

Why wasnt Butch James playing? i didnt see the start so i dont know why he wasnt in the first team.

I have watched Wasps 3 weeks in a row now and their game management is awful. So many times they get into a big lead and let it slip through lapses in concentration.
James wasn't playing due to the rotation policy that Meehan has put in place, which in all fairness is needed, also next week is going to be the big game for Bath, when they face Gloucester... This was effectively a weak Bath side, however they strengthened and played as unit as the game went on which is the fundamentals the Meehan has been trying to produce.
All of the top four teams have fielded slightly less powerful teams this weekend. Saracens have fielded a slightly less powerful team for example to prepare for their games against Bristol and Bath.
I dont really understand what Meehan was doing by resting so many key players, I know he targeting the Gloucester game, but surely you've got to aim to win every game if you want to win the league. So why would you put out a weakened side against a strong Wasps team? Now Gloucester; with their bonus-point win over Bristol, are 5 points clear of Bath in the table. A bath victory next week would still leave them behind Gloucester, with Sarries catching up.

A full strength Bath side probably would have won the game today, which is taking nothing away from Wasps who played well, but Baths stronger side is playing some exceptionally good rugby as of late, and would have probably been to strong for Wasps.

Bath missed the Half-back pairing of James and Claassens, they have been key to Baths success this season.