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Wayne Bennett



Wayne Bennett is the most successful coach in Australian rugby league history, having won premiership ***les in 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000, and most recently 2006 - all with the Brisbane Broncos of which he is the clubs only ever coach to date (up until 2006).

Though his playing career has become somewhat overshadowed by his later coaching success he never-the-less represented Australia in 2 touring matches against New Zealand opposition in 1971, and by all accounts was a pretty capable winger.

Bennett's coaching career began in 1976 at local club level where he eventually won the grand final in 1985.

In 1987 he joined the Canberra Raiders in a "co coach" role with Don Furner, his side eventually bowing out in the final 18-8 to Manly. During that period he also took the coaching reins of the Queensland State of Origin side, guiding them to successive series victories over New South Wales in 1987/88.

In 1988 he moved to the newly created Brisbane Broncos. Under his stewardship the team up until 2006 has won 6 premierships - a coaching record.

Bennett is a huge supporter of International rugby league and coached the Australian International team in
1998 and 2004/5, the 2005 stint marred by Australia's first series loss (to New Zealand) for 32 years. Before that he had won the tri nations series in 2004 and was unbeaten in 1998.

He again coached the Queensland state team in 1998 (series won), 2001(series won), 2002 (series drawn) and 2003 (series lost).

*Coached the Brisbane Broncos to 6 premierships - most successful coach in grand final history.
*Never beaten in a grand final as sole coach.
*Coached over 500 premiership games over a 19 year stretch with a winning % of around 67%.
*Has coached the Broncos to 15 consecutive finals series (up until 2006).
*Queensland State of origin coaching record: 11 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw - 4 series wins (plus one drawn series).
.......Surely some of you "leagueys" have a view on this nomination - a shu in surely??
I think Wayne Bennett the manager should definitely be in the Hall of Fame. When you look at the Brisbane team of the early 2000's you could see the class oozing out of the team. How they only won it in 2000 I'll never know.

I was lucky enough to see that team in the flesh as my Saints beat them 20-18 in the World Club Challenge. That was some team with some coach.
My vote at the moment is no...
dont get me wrong, i think Wayne Bennett is one of the greatest coaches the game has ever seen. in time he will deserve to be here... but should he be in here ahead of Jack Gibson.

Jack Gibson for mine is the best coach the game has ever seen. he was before my time but i did some research on him and for mine he would need to get in this hall of fame before wayne bennett.

Also Wayne Bennett will always be known as the coach that was in charge of australian side that lost its 1st series in 30 something years and has frustrated alot of people with his loyalty to queenslanders and broncos when he is in charge of rep sides. also he has been in charge of one of the most talented rosters in the NRL.

that 2000 side that dan was talking about was impressive....
off the top of my head you had..
Lockyer, Sailor, Tuqiri, Walters, Tallis, Thorn, Carrol, Meyers, Carlaw, Priddis & Webke who were all Queensland and Kangaroos.

once again dont get me wrong... im a big fan of wayne bennett. i really enjoy his coachin philosiphies and his attitude and any real league fan should read his book ***led "dont die with the music in you"...

for mine its a no....
Some good thoughts mate, just a couple in regards to the above............

Gibson was a great coach, a forerunner to someone like Bennett, but in time Bennett has become the best Aussie coach ever - be it premierships, win ratio, whatever.

Not to say Gibson doesn't deserve a place as well (why not put your research to use and nominate him?).

Bennett should be credited with building some great team rosters, not marked down because of it. He has never been afraid of removing players and developing new teams (think the demotion/ousting of Wally Lewis), if he thought he could build a better one.

I think it was at the beginning of this season that he sacked pretty much his entire backstaff. Some of those people that found themselves out of a job were long time friends of Bennetts that had been with him for years, and through many successful campaigns. However Bennett felt a new approach was needed, and so it was proven when Brisbane took out the ***le.

Jack Gibson wasn't quite that insightful.
yeah bennett took a big gamble by booting the likes of walters from the coaching squad. it was starting to bite him in the arse when they started a slump in form leading into the semi's but he came good and the bronco's ended up taking the gold.

theres no doubt he has a great eye for talent and i remember him bringing a young rookie named carl webb into the QLD side. or when he brought alf back from the UK.

the thing with bennett for me though is that hes pretty much had the choice of a whole state to himself which means he will always have alot better young talent coming through... i would love to see bennett coach a smaller side like the ***ans or maybe a side like manly.

having said that though... just because you have a big poluation base to pick from doesnt mean its a walk in the park. just look at the warriors, they have all the junior talent in the world but they cant develop them at all.

to be totaly honest i was going to say yes but i decided it would be good to bring up a few points for discussion rarther then simply let him in..

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