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We're considering a major upgrade to TRF

I actually dislike mobile friendly forums. I much prefer being able to look at the most recent posts on the side then navigating into specific forums if I need to.
This, the name should be: "Super Rugby" and no "Super #" because the number of teams is changing every few years

It might seem like a very small problem or idea in the bigger scheme of things considering the whole website is going to change but i must say that i do second this.
Been wondering for years why no one bothered to change Super 15 to Super rugby.
If its Super rugby then it does not need to be updated.
I actually dislike mobile friendly forums. I much prefer being able to look at the most recent posts on the side then navigating into specific forums if I need to.

I agree with this. I looked at that cycle page on my phone and I hate how it squashes everything into the one straight line and doesn't seem to have the recent posts tab. I much rather prefer having the proper site on mobile where you can just zoom in and out.
Genuinely didn't realise it said Super 15, I'll change it now.

As well as rep could we also have an arrogance feature, for when you need to show just how arrogant you think a post is? ;D

That's what the England flag option is for.
Just to clarify, there are two issues being discussed in this thread, one is the underlying software and the other is the organisation of the forums. We're open to discussing both, but to reassure you - in terms of the software changing, this wouldn't cause any re-organisation by default, that would have to be done (once agreed) separately. So basically, we'd do our best to match the current look and feel of TRF with the new software, but it would give us a better foundation than vB4 which hasn't been updated (other than serious security risks) for many years.

There is vB5, and vB6 is on the way
I can't think of any real objections to this. It seems you've done your homework and Xenforo sounds like a worthwhile improvement.
Go for it, still would be using the forum one way or another anyway. Makes no difference to me
Erm....X what now and php who?

Not as clued up as some of you guys clearly when it comes to programming but if the new Xenforo option offers so many pro's then I don't see a reason why not to change over.
Phpbb is the format I'm most familiar with as I've run a few forums with it. Never heard of the new format, looking at that cycling page linked made me want to poke my eyes out.
If the search function is better, and it's performance and security is also better, then go for it IMO
Hi all,

We are seriously considering upgrading the forum to use Xenforo. This is a more modern platform compared to what we're currently using. It is also 'mobile friendly' out of the box. Some of the benefits include:

Borrowing from this thread some of the benefits include:

  • Faster
  • Popular @ Mention feature is built in (no add-ons) and intuitive (auto completes username)
  • Almost no learning curve
  • Professional and Simple
  • Connected to Social networks (FB, Twitter, Google+)
  • Highly customizable and consistent skins
  • Safer (more secure)
  • Typing in a thread ***le queries database and shows similar threads (cuts down on duplicates)
  • Uses less resources (less strain on servers)
  • Beautiful Gallery
  • Superior Inbox/Alert (mouseover to get info)
  • Spy tab (see all the latest activity in real time)
  • Excellent support
  • Trophy reward system for members
  • Easier uploading and embedding of pics
  • No need for a mobile app (site beautifully rendered on smartphone. Fast too!)
We would aim to keep features such as the custom forum icons (the rugby balls) and also your team badges and country flags. All accounts, posts, and messages would be imported in to the new system.

At this stage we're interested to hear any thoughts you have, specifically on Xenforo? Ultimately we are not happy sticking with the currently out-dated software, so change is coming - but we're open to suggestions on which platform to move to. If you want to see a 'real life' forum running Xenforo, then http://www.cyclechat.net is one of the nicer designed ones.


Why do you need to fix something thats not broken ?
Why do you need to fix something thats not broken ?

If the software is as old as the footer implies, this version of the board software may be too old to be getting security software, so may be sat here waiting to be hacked!

Other than that, I take your point. A few of the features listed may be nice, but don't justify the effort of migration on their own.
a place to add tags so search engines can find threads
I think this forum upgrade sounds great and a great way to celebrate the All Blacks 2015 RWC win. Cheers,
I have only one question:

If we move to Xenforo will I be able to keep my "Airhornsman" tag?
Too much democracy causes problems - don't give us an option!

Well I just had to go and find some examples as I've never heard of Xenfero. Its ok...?

Would this change stuff such as ***les/trophies, achievement, rep? As I do wonder whether that could do with an extra layer of complexity to it.
Overall on an aesthetic level I don't think xenfero is nicer, but the list of features and benefits does sound good and maybe a general freshen up would be good...

I tend to agree with this, you will never get agreement on what people like I would be more inclined to formulate a list of what people don't like about the current site and see which option addresses those concerns.
Just don't lose the Tap A Talk app integration. :)

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