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We're considering a major upgrade to TRF

Just a quick update - we've decided to go ahead and upgrade the forum to Xenforo. We're now considering timescales on this and will update you all soon!

Xenforo doesn't have a reputation system as-such, but you can give 'likes' to users, which would work the same as positive 'repping' someone.

What's the general feeling about the possibility of losing negative rep?

Cheers! :)
It's going to be a lot of effort and may cause future upgrade issues if we use a custom plugin to support negative rep. We've only had four comments on this so far - to try and get some more feedback we've created a poll in the General Rugby Union forum.
Would hate to lose neg rep. It gives us a fairly good handle on who the bad posters are without have to waste time reading their garbage.

TBH I don't like Xenforo at all and I will be disappointed if TRF changes to it. It looks too "social media-ish" to me, and since I don't have (and never will have) a twitter account, and only use facebook exclusively to chat with family, then Xenforo's main attraction, integration with social media, is of no interest to me personally.

The main feature I use every day on first opening the forum is "get-daily", which shows me all the posts made or created during the previous 24 hours (its NOT the same as the "new posts" button which does not show threads that have not been posted to since your last visit).


I have a link button to this page on my browser toolbar, all I do is click it and I am automatically logged into the forum at this page.

As far as I can tell, Xenforo has no equivalent to this so without it I am back to wasting time trawling through sub-forums looking for the thread I was posting in yesterday.

IMO, vBulletin is superior forum software by the length of the front straight, and to say that it is "outdated" is misleading. We might have an outdated version (looks like ver 4.2 to me), but the latest version 5.2.2 was only released back in May of this year.
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Haven't been around much, any update on any of this?

Also, if rep goes away how do we tell the nobility from the plebs?
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As someone who works in the field, Xenforo is a much better forum platform than vBulletin. Its better coding, its cleaner, better supported with updates etc and has gained a significant share as a result.

I havent been around long enough to even see the negative rep system you currently have, but on most other forums I have seen it implemented it leads to a lot of what is basically online bullying by those that hold majority views against those who might have a different perspective to the masses. I prefer a zero tolerance for trolls, flamers and those that choose to use personal attacks instead of reasoned discussion!

The only other thing I have noticed with the current is probably the over use of large images which distract from viewing threads. Not sure how widespread it is, but as an example the threads in the Super Rugby forum seem to all have the conference tables at the top of the thread, taking up about half a page, then when you scroll down the opening post is filled with rather large images which mean you have to scroll down another half page just to get to the first actual post!

There are also blank posts which I presume are ads for people not logged in - but not sure why they take up space within the thread?

Hope those points are taken in the constructive way they have been intended!