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Yeah, this board is too international to have a majority opinion on anything really. Other than that Italy are mince! :( I have quite a different outlook to most rugby fans on a lot of things being a soft, shandy drinking liberal (and not growing up as a fan) - but I've never been negative repped for posting pretty contentious stuff that most folk disagree strongly with.

I like the negative rep here and think that sort of peer moderation might reduce the mods workload so they can focus on things like putting up gameday threads etc. But I don't anticipate Armageddon if we move to a system that doesn't have it.
Neg rep can be easily misused. To be honest when I started I got negged numerous times by someone with a very high rep power largely because we were in disagreement. No need to mention names but that sort of thing can be pretty off-putting when you're new, don't believe you've done much wrong, and have a big red bar to your name.

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