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What games are you playing?

Its great definitely more expansive than the first so I felt it wasn't quite as tight in holding the narrative together throughout the game. but it was definitely nice the story "ended" with the options for other stories later but the plots and themes wrapped up nicely.
That's good to hear, when I started playing the original, I was expecting it to be open world, so the more linear / guided nature took a bit of getting used to. I wouldn't say that it detracted from the experience, but a bit more freedom would have enhanced it. Saying that, there were raves / treasure sites / artifacts that I managed to miss on both of my playthroughs, so I more open world is going to put those things even further out of my reach.

It's most unlike me, but I'm playing three games at the moment. I started Spider-Man Remastered just before Christmas, but didn't have much time to put into it. Then I got sidetracked by Vampire Survivors, which I picked up for a discount and have now got sidetracked again by Euro Trucker 2, which I noticed had 75% off last night.
Ragnarok is excellent and absolutely worth the money, but after 2 playthroughs, and another bang through the first one, I think I prefer God of War overall.

Ragnarok leans too heavily on its story over action/setpiece/spectacle (all of which are lacking in comparison) and, while the VAs are impeccable, the environments and atmosphere remain incredible, the world is still very compelling and I was delighted to see more of it, the quality of the writing is *NOT* up to par for story-driven ***les these days.

Compared to, say, ToLU, A Plague Tale Innocence/Requiem, or even its predecessor it felt really hackneyed in the big beats. It feels incredibly odd criticising God of War for lacking depth or nuance in its storytelling, but they rather dug their own grave there. Or Faye's grave.

Plus, *certain* sections were too frequent, endgame is non-existent and the fast travel is still ****.

Tldr: it's really, really really ******* good, but it ain't perfect.
I'm about 15 hours in to hogwarts legacy and enjoying it. Comes across as very light hearted fun.

I've been looking for another big open world game that's not trying too hard to be 'something' and so far it's scratching that itch.

I never finished kingdom come deliverance. I loved the game and the feel but the combat is gash and some aspects of the game take the fun out of it. Maybe I'll go back one day but meh.

Frostpunk 2 looking like it could be a big step up from the original and really hoping it delivers.
I think you can also add an additional SD card for more space I think, but obviously SSD would be better for the speed. Especially now the LCD ones are looking a bit better in terms of affordability with the new release.
Following up to say that the Steam Deck has probably been one of my best investments in terms of me getting back into gaming more. My biggest blocker on gaming is available time and not wanting to be at my desk at home which I work at 40% of the time. Being able to just pick up and play/resume most games on my Steam library has been great. Also allowed me to get through a backlog of games that I wanted to try out (Palworld, Slay the Spire, Disco Elysium, Dave the Diver, Civ 6, No Man's Sky, Rimworld, Jedi Fallen Order, Rogue Legacy 2, Hades, Dredge, Cult of the Lamb and Spider-Man Remastered).

Would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering it.

If you liked Silent Hill 2, this is worth a go. Managed to play it last night and it was really good. They've captured the feel of a PS2 game brought up to date perfectly.

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