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Who'll be the top try scorer for RWC 2007



1987 - 6 tries - Craig Green, John Kirwan (Both NZ)

1991 - 6 tries - David Campese

1995 - 7 tries - Jonah Lomu, Marc Ellis (both New Zealand)

1999 - 8 tries Jonah Lomu (New Zealand)

2003 - 7 tries Doug Howlett, Mils Muliaina (New Zealand)

2007 ???

My guess - Rockoko 7 tries
year of the drop goal! i tell you now!
rich-tea mccaw with 3!!!! you'll see
I reckon Habana on 7.. or just about anyone for NZ against Portugal.. that promises to be a AB's try-fest.
Has to be an allblack going on how easy a pool they have. Could be any1 of their midfield or back 3 but I'll go for Cocopops
Cocopops, I love it. Habana is a good bet, I have a funny feeling Howlett is going to grab quite a few.
Could be Irish though.....Namibia and Georgia aren't exactly superpowers of the modern age...Horgan for me.
Any of the abs back 3 especially agianest our pool opponents Romania, portgual, italy, and scotland

they all have to be 50 pointers at least dont they?

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