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Who'll be the top try scorer for RWC 2007

Seeing as Horgan is now out for the first game, i reckon Hickie could get a whole load against Namibia and Georgia, therefore putting him in with a shout of getting the top scorer. 3 against Bayonne, 2 in his last game against Italy. 5 in 2 games ain't too shabby. [/b]

Carney in for Horgan - could be an accumulator between them: Ireland's #14s will score ten tries - seven in the group, three in the knockouts.
i'm praying now one beats lomu's record [/b]
Well unfortunately your prayers will be in vain...this man, this enigma, THIS EPITOME OF THE WORD DYNAMIC, will break this record that is held so close to your heart.


Im sorry, its just the way things go!
I would say Rocokoko, or maybe Habana... but i would like to see O'Driscoll "on fire"...

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