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Who'll win the World Cup

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Go France we are the best ^^
Final: France/Argentine and winners... FRANCE !!!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
With NZ out South Africa have noe gotta be red hot favourites especially after that awesome siplay against England.
im putting my money on argentina. They have already beaten France. Both England and SA have looked shaky against teams (especially SA against Fiji today). Argentina seem to be on their game at the moment and I reckon could cause an upset.

Although they do have to get past Scotland first. But even as a Scot i'm not sure that will be too much trouble. Although I hope i'm wrong.
the thing that annoys me is that one team in the final are going to be unbeated while the other team is going in with one defeat.

really it should be teams that havnt lost in the final. i guess thats why this competition is so good this year, anyone can beat anyone on their day (well most teams can anyway)
After France's win over NZ, you'd think France would be firm favourites. However as we all know this is not the case.

SA, whilst narrowly escaping defeat at the hands of the Fijians, will lift to any occasion and I believe they will win but then again theres the never-give-up attitude of the Poms and the surprise packets Argentina.

Will England continue to pull off unexpected strong performances? Will Johnny kick for goal at every presented chance? The latter question is undoubtedly confirmed, the only problem is the first...Do you really think they can do it again, and then a final time to win the cup? Quite unlikely I'd say.

Argentina set their tempo for the tournament in the opening match against France. Straight away people knew they'd be pushing for the semis, and now they're there! All they have to do is pull of another upset win, although this time around it won't be as big an upset because we all are aware of what Los Pumas are capable of.

I'm tipping SA to get up over Argentina by less than 10 points, and France to bring the Poms back down to earth with a commanding 10+ victory.
I think it will be France, play at home and winning the ABs give them a lot of confidence.
Okay, stop getting your hopes up France, luckily winning against New Zealand doesnt mean you guys are the best team in the world. Englands surely going to use Johnny Wilkinson and his kicking strategies, going for the points anywhere possible, not letting their oppotunities slip away. I have a feeling its going to be an England VS South Africa final.

Argentina has been looking good in this world cup, they've shown impressive skill and 100% effort in every game, but do you think itll last till the very last match? Im sure this is their limit. South Africa is one of the most expected winners of this world cup. And surely a match like NZ vs FR wont happen again (especially with that ref gone <_< ) But im sure Argentinas will show impressive rugby throughout their whole 80minute and make their country proud.

England vs SouthAfrica for me, and probably a very lose win to England ( just like last the last WC) with a last dropgoal/try from england :D

P.S to magia Puma: Over confience shows dissapointment, and thats exactly what happened to the ABs and the ozzies. the French are getting to arrogant in my opinion, dont get your hopes up.
I would like to see Argentina win, they are playing good entertaining rugby. But in the end, i see South Africa taking it. They are the strongest team left.
I hope the final will be France v Argentina; I'd like to see the Pumas to get the cup, but I'd go with "les bleus"...
Argentina played with nothing to lose and everything to prove in the first match. Against Scotland it looked like they were beginning to feel the pressure.

They have been one of, if not THE most consistent teams in the last few years. They are very good, but the tournament may be wearing them down.

SA need to re-find the gears they used against England. England on the other hand have steadily improved in the tournament (could they have been worse than they were against US?). France too, after the shock the Pumas gave them.

Knockout rugby, who knows who'll turn up on the day!!!
I wasn't convinced with the Pumas display against the Scots. Their defence is their biggest weakness, especially in the midfield. I have respect for thier forwards but I see them giving away alot of penalties against the Boks. They often came off the thier feet in the rucks against the Scots and they will be blown up by this ref.

Expect a better performance from the Boks, I feel that match last Sunday woke them up a bit. After they became more structured in the last 20 mins they put 17 unanswered points against Fiji, I'm sure they took note of that a will stick to the game plan better against the Pumas, who are much more predictable than Fiji.

That said I think Argentina are gonna mix things up a bit. They have never beaten the Boks, so if a strategy doesn't work... change it. Thats exactly what they gonna do, try and catch the Boks by surprise. Expect the first kick-off to not go to the forwards (if Argentina kick off first).

Should be a interesting match.

Boks by 15+
The more I seriously think about this, the more my head tells me SA will win...
I suspect France may have just enough to defeat South Africa in the Final, with the home crowd behind them... IF the French get off to a good start.
I hope France will win against England and after against South Africa!!!!!!!!
allez les bleus... :)
Im leaning towards South Africa but it really depends on the ref.....
If England beat France in the semi, they will win the cup - it won't be pretty but who cares.
If England beat France in the semi, they will win the cup - it won't be pretty but who cares.
If England beat France they will be mopped up by South Africa, no worries....
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