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Who'll win the World Cup

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For England to beat France, they need to be ahead by about 10 points in the last 15 minutes or so. If it comes down to a close struggle, all the 50-50 calls will go in favour of the host nation.
SA and france will face each other in final..
and i think SA will win
I hope France will win this World cup.
I think that this year they have the strenght to do it. I just hope that they have been able to recover after last week's match. The three other remaining teams are all very strong forward. And the team for next Saturday will be exactly the same that the team that the one that has played last Saturday.
South Africa should win, but we've already seen plenty of upsets this tourney. If Argentina win their semi, then whichever Northern team wins the other semi will win the Cup.
The past 3 weeks' mind-boggling upsets forced me to revise my predictions:

- If Argentina beats SA in the semi, England will beat Argentina in the final.

- If SA beats Argentina in the semi, SA will beat England in the final.

If either of the above comes true, it means one team will exit this RWC with 2 world cups to their name.
I would like the Poms to go on and win it now, the spirit has been tremendous in the last two matches.
real grit and great tactics in grinding out wins. they'll be hard to,beat now theyve got theyre heads up and can see they can achieve a great victory
I think England will win in final, no matter who's the opponent. They have a good team with enough power to win over SA or Argentina...
I think England will win in final, no matter who's the opponent. They have a good team with enough power to win over SA or Argentina...

I would like to see England come back from a 36 - 0 loss against the bokke. Wilkinson has done great for England but he can't help get that much points, the final will be close and I would be worried about thye Pumas if I were SA and Eng they play a risky game but do they have to loose?
The winner of tonight`s semi, SA vs. Argentina, will go on to do the business. Simply because history dictates that there has never been a team who lost in pool play to go on and take home Bill.....
SA will beat England. I'm going to stick my head out and say it'll be with a comfortable lead.
SA I think

Sad for the Pumas...

(Come on Argentina)
how is it we get the chokers tag when ireland & france have never won the cup? nz to win plus whoever gets second in frances pool won't make the semis so you can't have it both ways france or ireland one won't make the semis. as a springbok you should know what happens when a team plays nz in the quarters. nz has made the semis every time unlike the springboks. can you remember 2003 or did you BLACK that out?

The All Blacks have never won the worldcup before if my memory serves me correctly. :cheers: Why is it that they feel that they have a "right" to own the cup if that is the case? Also no-one has ever won the cup twice. :bana: So what's the big deal? Let's give everybody a chance to win the cup at least once boys. All Blacks, the next one is yours. 2011 will be your year! I will mention it at the review meeting of the IRB later this month. :D
Previous RWC winners: 1987- New Zealand, 1991- Australia, 1995- South Africa, 1999- Australia, 2003- England.

So, yup, Australia has won it twice. And the AB`s did win it already mate.
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