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What is essential for a rugby-watching breakfast?

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Pret BLT, dull as hell but gotta be quick to catch 5 mins of the 2nd half before lunch ends.

Thinking of doing some brownies on Sunday for Wales-Aus. I'm not really a desserts guy, made brownies once before and they were delicious but far too gooey. I guess they just need more time in the oven.

Might add peanut butter this time
Brekkers' ideas for the Saturday and Sunday double headers?
Brekkers' ideas for the Saturday and Sunday double headers?
Beach Bar-B-Qued English Pork Sausage Sarnie for Eng vs Oz

Irish Stew with NZ lamb chunks for NZ vs Ire

French Rarebit for Wales vs France

Sushi for SA vs Japan (pretty sure the saffas eat as much sushi as anyone).
meal plan:
candy from my knee surgery on wednesday to get me to fall asleep around 8pm tonight and tomorrow night so i can wake up at 3

then hot cocoa and columbian bleached coffee to be awake at 3am

reactivating my social life after the world cup is over is gonna be tough
Frying sausages as we speak. The spitting is drowning out Clive Woodward which is a bonus.

Nothing fancy only Tesco, and got stuffed on bread, the best I could get at the corner shop was packeted brioche which isn't ideal. Got the HP though.

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