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6/10 from RuckAndRollRugby.com




EA Sports Rugby 2008 for Playstation 2

Ten years ago rugby fans were given the game Jonah Lomu Rugby. The game had very dodgy graphics but the smooth game play more than made up for it especially when it came to multiplayer mode. The game became a cult classic among rugby fans and still acts as the bench mark for all other rugby games to follow. Since then EA Sports, the Microsoft of sports video games has attempted, but failed, year after year, to became the new Lomu.

EA Sports Rugby 08 is once again a big let down. It's basically a slightly modified version of Rugby 2006, with an official IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 licence. It still feels like you don't have complete control of your players, which was the best thing about Jonah Lomu Rugby. Passing, side-stepping, handing off, drop kicking etc still takes place a split second after you press the button on the controller. You still have no control over rucks and for some reason the computer makes you players do things you haven't told it to, like dive on the ball in the in goal area when you aren't even touching the controller, or tackle a player jumping for the ball, which of course gives away a penalty.

Don't get me wrong the game is still fun to play, especially on multi player mode and they have improved things like the new advanced line-out mode which really does feel very realistic (especially when you play as Wales and your hooker continually throws the ball too far for you jumper. Wow they really got that one right!) The problem is despite the great graphics, official teams, players and tournaments and great looking stadiums, EA Sports have still failed to make it feel like you have complete control of what you are doing. You feel as if you are constantly fighting against the computer (and I don't mean the other team) to make it do what you want it to do.

For all rugby fans this game is a must. But for me Jonah Lomu Rugby is still King of rugby video games.

Ruck and Roll Rugby gives EA Sports rugby 08 6 out of 10.